All About Chidambaram’s Arrest – INX Media Case

Again a high political drama unfolded outside former Union Minister Chidambaram’s house. CBI took him into custody straight after his press conference held by him to refute charges against him in INX media case.

The incident was just like a Bollywood movie full of drama, action and raid. The villain was P.Chidambaram and CBI was the raid police. The CBI team suddenly became the action hero and scaled the wall to enter Chidambaram’s house. In a supporting role, the ED team, led by a Joint Director-level officer, also joined the minister residence. After the investigation, CBI took Chidambaram with them to their Headquarters.

Where did all the drama begin!

In January 2008, the Financial Intelligence Unit claimed FDI Of ₹305 Crores in INX Media Pvt. Ltd. owned by Peter and Indrani Mukherjee. Income tax department reached to the door of enforcement directorate and in action ED registered a case against INX for alleged FEMA violation on 2010.

On further investigation, ED found Chidambaram’s son Karti’s company in the corrupt journey of INX. CBI registered a case against karti Chidambaram on May 2017 and found the source claiming both father and son as corrupted and involved in the INX money laundering case. Since then, this case of mouse and cat is running on.

Chidambaram speaks out his heart and mind

In the press conference, he said that in the last 24 hours, much had happened that caused confusion and concern to many. “In the INX Media case, I have not been accused of any offence. Nor has anyone else, including any member of my family, been accused of any offence. There is no charge sheet by either the CBI or the ED filed before a competent court,”.

He also further added that the FIR did not accuse him of any wrongdoing. “Yes, there is a widespread impression that grave offences have been committed. Also, my son and I have committed those offences. Nothing can be farther from the truth. These are lies spread by pathological liars,” Chidambaram said.

The Ironical Part

As soon as the CBI team arrested him, P.Chidambaram spent the night of August 21st in the same CBI headquarters. The irony is that, during the inauguration of this headquarters, he was also a part by nearly early eight years ago during his tenure of Home Minister in UPA 2.0 government.

What is Next?

The court on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. sent  P. Chidambaram to five-day CBI custody in connection with the INX Media case. The court allowed Chidambaram’s family members and lawyers to visit him.

“He had tremendous potential of not cooperating in the probe as he was highly intelligent. It is a serious case involving intelligent people, and we will fail in our duty if we don’t get to the root of the case,” CBI Team said.

Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya Tweets;

To learn proceeds of crime allegedly located abroad by the accused in the case, the CBI has written letters rogatory to five countries — the United Kingdom, Bermuda, Switzerland, Mauritius and Singapore. Both Chess Global Advisory and ASCPL are accused of receiving bribes for Karti in the form of consultancy services.

Chidambaram is currently in CBI custody. He will be produced before a special CBI court on August 26th, where the agency is likely to seek further custody for interrogation.

The element to be thought about is the level of corruption these politicians have corrupted us. Taking money in the name of tax, duties and services, they have looted us and still stealing. Is it Modi Government who is responsible for the continuous arrest of UPA leaders or is it the Congress leaders who are corrupted at this par level?

The point to look forward as of now is, how many mouses will CBI and ED catch. Furthermore, how many NDA leaders will come out as corrupted once they are getting in the radar of CBI.

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor extended his support to Chidambaram through his tweet;

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