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Indired Makes Headlines In A National Newspaper

Owning a land by an individual is legalised by law which states how long it can be owned by him, the way the land can be used and under what conditions. Our ancestors tried to come up with laws that formalised buying and selling of land. But for long we all have seen disputes over property every now and then and even today we face similar problems.

While buying a Plot in Indore, Shwetank Shrimal was duped into buying a fraudulent property. Inspired by the setback he launched a startup that makes people aware of the risks and opportunities involved in buying a property. That’s how IndiRed Real Estate Diagnostic LLP was born in 2012. It is the first and only Real Estate Diagnostic (R.E.D) Lab of India. The most unique feature of this Lab is TRANSACTION SEARCH ™ in which the lab analyses historical public notice data to point out problems or disputes in properties. The lab analyses the data which is gathered from various public domains and customised databases created by them, and an R.E.D REPORT™ is generated that covers legal and business aspects within 48 hours of query generation to give its clients a 360-degree analysis about the property.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

The reports are genuine and authentic as every report is based on public records and government websites. Along with being comprehensive and detailed, it comes with different packages to suit every individual’s needs. The startup covers all types of properties of the Indore region with its in-depth analysis. Their Latest Feature TRANSACTION WATCH offers to watch the properties of NRI’S and other multiple property owners from any fraud that might appear in public notices in newspapers. Shwetank is currently working with individuals and banks as well and is soon starting the Lab in other cities of Madhya Pradesh with an intention of going national in the long term.

Shwetank, whose startup is DIPP Certified and ISO 9001:2015, says, “Turning an Idea into a startup is hard work. But Chatur Ideas stepped in to help us through the process by bringing in mentors, investors.” Chatur Ideas is a startup that aids startups to reach their goals. Devesh Chawla, Founder and CEO of Chatur Ideas says, “Indired is an amazing startup with a unique idea that is one of its kind. We find it promising and a startup with a bright future.” Indired can be ordered online from the website:

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