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Devesh Chawla – The Youngest Venture Capitalist

About Devesh Chawla

“This is not your cup of tea, for your hair is not yet grey” they said, to which only his success replied.

Having closely worked with CXOs of reputed companies early in his career as a seasoned wealth manager and with entrepreneurs vying to make it big, he brings best of both the worlds together at Chatur Ideas – formally launched in 2015 (operational since 2011) having over 450+ start-ups under its umbrella.

Engineering in Computers topped-up by an MBA in finance gave him entry into Client Associates – a private wealth management company for whom he worked for around 5 years with crème de la crème of the country giving him enough courage to start something of his own.

“Way back in 2009 having wanted to start something of my own which was on the lines of today’s Ola and Uber, I was misled by a few mentors and political influencers despite having a great business idea. Unfair! This could’ve been my chance to take a shot at the moon I thought. Chatur Ideas is hence my attempt to change the ecosystem as a secured one-stop-shop for budding entrepreneurs, deep-pocketed investors and experienced mentors across the country”, he asserted.

About Chatur Ideas

Chatur Ideas is a dynamic and multifarious online platform which engages, counsels and interconnects the entrepreneurial breed of India to investors, financers, and mentors in a controlled investment-friendly ecosystem. It all started with Devesh delivering a nervous speech at Sydenham College and today he stands huge, as a knowledge partner for various IITs, IIMs, NMIMS, Symbiosis and more.

Chatur Ideas not only mentors but also invests in start-ups (from their arm CI Ventures) apart from helping them with their execution by leveraging the vast connect of its founder and mentors in the start-up networks. Its logo talks about the entire journey of an entrepreneur – right from getting an idea to its execution to being successful.


About Industry

Focus, Discipline, Perseverance – the magic mantra for Chatur Ideas backed start-ups!

“Now that start-ups are a fad – everyone wants to get into it and missing out on the fundamentals of running a business. According to me, start-ups are facing a tremendous downfall to raise VC funds because of over-valuations and approach towards their business. A direct benefit of this is going to the seed and angel fund seekers with a steep rise in both numbers and quantum. However, it is soon going to be such that even such seeds shall dry and M&A be the new trend the industry would fancy”, he signed off.

You can contact Devesh at [email protected] or bump into him at any of his start-up events.

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