Open Letter By An “Ashamed Indian”

So, I live in a country where Shiv Sena is offering 1 lakh as reward to anyone who slaps Aamir Khan. I live in a country where the most educated Shiv Sena classifies nationality based on meat. I also live in a country where the very tolerant Shiv Sena wants to ban Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan from India.


I live in a country where our very humble Prime Minister, Modi ji, wants to incorporate Hindutva in the School Syllabus. I want to know what harm Islam or Christianity created. I live in a country where Smriti Irani is one of the faces in the news channels.

I live in a country where it took months for ‪#‎hokkolorob‬ to attain justice. I also live in a country where Prosenjit still hasn’t received justice, let me not overlook the FTII students. I live in a country where the army men rape the country girls and they are told to be our guard.

I also live in a country where the police beat up students in multiple places because they asked for their right to freedom and expression. I also live in a country where our very own politicians have cases on murders and rapes but they are roaming around fearlessly because India is Incredible.

I live in a country where there is hardly any job for this youth, where people are still struggling to prove that ART IS A WAY OF LIFE. I live in a country where degree matters more than dignity and where people put up Black Dot DP’s to show solidarity instead of believing in what the black dots really stand for! I live in a country where Muslims are told to leave because the CM of Haryana thinks Muslims do not belong to India.


Aamir Khan is a hypocrite and he runs Satyamev Jayate and where was he when Mumbai was attacked and the chain of questions followed. India made him a Super star!


Nobody can make you anything. He made himself a star, he made himself worth the tickets you buy and shed tears and come out with a smile because you know he does that right.

He is human first. His surname is secondary. His stardom is not even important because he did abide by the CONSTITUTION OF INDIA and expressed whatever he felt. Also, the media which has over- hyped his statement in a filthy way needs to answer the nation. Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao did not mean or make such a statement.

Why is it so wrong to call this country Intolerant and unsafe? Did you forget Damini or did you forget your days when porn was banned and you spent nights downloading some GB so that the porn ban doesn’t do you any harm!

Or, did you forget your walk against Intolerance when the students of Jadavpur University were beaten up. Or, did you forget the ‘Superstars’ returning their awards because of Intolerance. That time you supported the act and put hash tags and smiled. Aamir Khan makes a statement and you tighten your eye brows? WHY?

Satyamev Jayate is about the Intolerance that you face in your everyday life, it is his way of showing what’s going wrong. He did help lakhs of Indians to live a better life, just by the way. Also, PK wasn’t about mocking Hindu Culture, he just portrayed the superstitious beliefs that we laugh at, as youngsters.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter really. Shiv Sena needs to be a little more educated and must understand the meaning of Patriotism. Modi needs to stop being a hypocrite and must learn that Hindutva will fetch him no respect. He is just going the “Sanskari’ way which doesn’t interest the youth. Aamir and Kiran, yes, I live in one of the most intolerant countries and I feel unsafe here, because, my career, my body, my thoughts and my future is NOT safe here.

Thank you,

An ashamed Indian

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