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Known for his brilliant performances as good romantic boy and Bollywood’s baddie, Akshaye Khanna sets the example for versatility. After his comeback in the industry, Akshaye is all rebooted, rejuvenated with new energy. Here’s an exclusive interview of the MOM starrer where he talks about his upcoming film, movie career and so talked reclusive nature.

1. Did the long year break give you a new perspective?

I can’t say that my perspective has changed much. I was 19 when I started working. When I was away from the industry, I realized how films are such a big part of my life. As an actor, it is mandatory for us to be on our toes. I am glad that I took time off. I rejected offers so that I could find a right project to start off with.

2. Sir, you said in an interview that “I will never do a film where I can’t score”. So how do you score and at the same time don’t overshadow other co- actors? Is that a tough balance to keep when it is an ensemble cast?

By score, I really meant that I cannot take up a role where I cannot add value. Also, you need to be selfish as an actor. You cannot work being unnoticed. That’s all I meant. It’s clearly not about the competition. I want to add value to role described in the script.

MOM Akshaye Khanna
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3. Since you are playing a cop in this movie (MOM), were there any preparations you undertook while doing this role?

See I never prepare anything beyond the script, be it for any character. The writing of this film was so beautiful and all those characters attached to this movie are so strong and powerful, preparations toh aise hi ho gayi. Everything was so perfect in this movie and you will find rare movies like this where everything is perfect. At least I felt it that way.

4. You have done some serious movies like ‘Gandhi, My Father’ as well as massy entertainers like ‘Race’. Now, do you follow any criteria while you pick up your roles? Any strategy in your career?

Honestly I have no preferences. But if you ask me now I have a soft corner for espionage thrillers. At this stage when I came back to acting after a long break, I wanted to take some smaller roles just to test myself. But I have never compromised with the quality of my role. It should create an impact on the audience even if it is not a lead.

My strategy is not well chalked out one, but I know what I have to do now. I just react to the material very instinctively and emotionally. When you hear something good, you’re like this is it; I want to do this. Then, of course, there are other things that are important like a solid producer, a good director, a good team.

MOM Akshaye Khanna
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5. You’re known for your reclusive nature. With no PR, no publicist, no gossip floating around, it’s hard to decipher you at one point in time. You went into this media hibernation mode. So has it never came across your mind that I should open up more, more willing towards the interviews and all.

Yeah you’re right. I will have to be more open and more interactive with the press, people in general. I am planning to change this process. I will come on social media soon (smiles assuring only).

6. What about your future projects?

After MOM, I will be seen in Ittefaq. So there are two films this year, which I can be proud of.

We at NewsAurChai wish success to your upcoming movie MOM. And eagerly wait for your future projects!

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