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“I told my husband that yeh role sirf Nawazuddin hi kar sakte hain” – SriDevi

She is a poised, dedicated and hardworking legend who has been ruling the film industry for five decades. Sridevi reminded me of Mr. India, Chandni and all other films and what a prolific actress she have been through these years. This is the third excerpt of the interview with the stars of the movie Mom, in this part, we have covered Sridevi, while she was addressing a press conference at Le Mèridien, in New Delhi, along with Boney Kapoor, Akshaye Khanna and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Directed by Ravi Udyawar and also starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Akshaye Khanna, Adnan Siddiqui and Sajal Ali, Mom is about a mother-daughter relationship that is tested by a violent crime which will get released on 7th July 2017.

1. This will be apparently your 300th film and you said earlier that you still feel like a newcomer. But is 300 just a number. When people talk about it, does your career flash before your eyes? Does it take back to all the amazing work you’ve done?

It was my husband who said that it was the 300th film. I was like really, is it? Don’t tell me! And 50 years in the industry, don’t say it to anyone (laughs). Well, it’s like a dream. I am really grateful to my fans, directors, co-stars, producers. Without them, I would not have reached here. They are some beautiful memories. But there’s still more to come when I can pat my back I say that I’ve done an amazing work.

Sirdevi Mom
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2.What’s it like when you are on set, doing a scene with other good actors- Akshaye Khanna and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, does that keep you on your toes every time?

It was wonderful experience working with both of them, of course. Akshaye, I saw him as a child when I used to work with Late Vinod Khanna Ji, I have never imagined that I’ll be working with him. Let me tell you that he is such a well brought up the child and a fine actor too. He did a wonderful job in this movie and I can’t imagine anyone doing justice to do this role. And Nawaz, I’m an admirer of him. I saw many films of him and was keen to work with him. I told my husband that yeh role sirf Nawazuddin hi kar sakte hain. So we waited for him and now it’s really worth waiting for him.

3. Are you at the stage where your particular connection with the character matters the most to you from Shashi in English Vinglish and I’m sure Devaki in MOM (upcoming film) is also like that.

Well every character is very special to me and I really give credit to all my directors for believing in me and giving me such wonderful roles. The filmmakers are making new and different subjects. Female oriented films like Piku, Kahaani, Queen and of course English Vinglish are some wonderful works and I feel lucky to be part of these films.

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4. Since you mentioned female-oriented films, do you think it is better being a leading lady today than say 20 years ago? We know the strong women characters that are written today in some films. How would you describe the difference?

Well 20 years back I remember doing a female oriented film like Chaalbaaz, Chandni but that had its own beauty. Now the time has changed, things have changed and now there are better subjects. That’s the difference I can quote.

5. Boney Ji said that you disconnected from your routine while making this movie (MOM). You completely immersed yourself in this role. What is it about; is it the story or the role that affected you so deeply?

Being a mother, it really helped me to understand the character’s emotion better. I could feel what Devaki, my role was going through. What is in her mind, what she is thinking. She is strong and can go to any extremes for her daughter. I am a mother myself. I know what happens when your daughter is in some trouble.

Mom the movie
Source: News Aur Chai Media

6. Lastly, you have come over a beautiful journey as an actor in this industry. How would you like to sum it up? What have you gained and what have you lost while walking through this journey?

To get something, you have to lose something. As an actor, you have so many sacrifices to do. You can’t get everything in your life. Like I could never go to school or college. I was busy working. But at the same time, I have gained a wonderful experience in the industry and lead a normal life at home as well with my husband, daughters, sister.

We at NewsAurChai wish success to your latest movie MOM. And eagerly wait for your future projects!

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