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Violence Against Women

She is the embodiment of perfection, speaking volumes about honesty and integrity, this god gifted figure considers her family and near ones to be her utmost priority. She is a WOMAN. We speak high of her, making her mark in every field be it science, commerce or entertainment, but alas the reality of a woman’s position in society seems too harsh. This very divine figure is being harassed as violence against women persists till date.

It’s been more than six long decades, that India got independence, however, the picture may look green from the outside but down the line, we still haven’t moved from our stereotypical mindset of locking a woman inside the four walls of the house.

Cases of violence, rape, and assault are increasing at an alarming rate and especially in a country like India which is still trying to make its way is again and again brought down by these evils. Such news is highlighted everyday, newspapers are buzzing with these cases. Few are untold and kept behind the door as violence is done brutally and who is to be blamed at the end is not the culprit but the predator.

Be it the case of Nirbhaya, which ignited nations or high profile case of Miss Yukta Mukhey who fell prey to domestic violence or even Lady Gaga’s case of falling and also the Bangalore’ case on this New Years’s Eve. Violence against women refuses to stop as the old norm of Male Chauvinism and Patriarchy continues to persist in our country.And what is more shameful is that people still question the integrity of a woman.

Why are girls are asked not to go out after 8 or why are they asked to wear full clothes or why are they not allowed to drink or something and everything.

Why ?

Why can’t boys and men be taught to respect girls? Why can’t they be made to sit at home ?Isn’t shocking how people regard Ravana as the real monster who abducted Sita but the fact lies that today men are the real monsters having their big filthy eyes on every other girl around.

Isn’t shocking how people regard Ravana as the real monster who abducted Sita but the fact lies that today men are the real monsters having their big filthy eyes on every other girl around.

Rather than taking steps in defense of a woman, orthodox minded ministers and pi are seen questioning the sanctity of a girl, holding them responsible for rapes.

While people react rebelliously whenever they see a guy and a girl kissing but they would walk away whenever they see a guy raping a girl. And they are the only ones who talk and write so highly about equality for women. Women are restricted from freedom as they become a joke in the society.

Steps are need to be taken , harsh and strict steps so that people think atleast ten times before committing such a sin. It will wrong to say the government hasn’t taken any steps. Quite a lot of laws have been made but unfortunately they have continuously failed to improve the situation. Men still consider themselves having the supreme power with the absence of fear of law and being punished. This government needs to strict up ways which seems to have been started. But this bit won’t help , Education and discipline should be taught to people only then they will respect a woman’s ignite. Since change is the only constant, this is what our society wants.

To see the change , it’s only us who will have to change and then only women will attain respect and empowerment.

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