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Rape Law In India VS Rest Of The World

An assault that imprints the pain for the lifetime. A trauma which dispenses daunting déjà vu whenever life readdresses correlative set at various junctures of life. An experience too concrete to demolish that it hits hard every time the mind and body sit to negotiate for peace. Rape is one of those crimes that are so grave that the words can’t suffice the misery which a rape sufferer has to go through.

The torture doesn’t end here; the medical examination that follows a rape incident is way more disturbing and beyond our thinking capacity in its context. The process of the fourth most common crime against women in India needs to be dragged under the scrutiny of our apprehension.

According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 2014’s data – In every 1 hour 4 rapes takes place; which implies the fact that within the small time span of 14 minutes a rape takes place in our country. In 2014 humongous figures of 36,975 rape cases appeared on sheets. Here, we also need to keep the fact in mind that a constant struggle is fought by the survivor, where she need to gather enough courage to stand strong against the constantly haunting shadow of the torment. This presses us to believe in some of the research which indicates that only 5-6% of rape cases in India are reported to the police.

Immediately upon the road ahead, rolls in more wrenching low-downs. The harsh reality which adds to the intentness of situation is that even the place where she steps in to launch the complaint about the enormity faced is not safe. NCRB’s figures show that on an average- In 2 day’s stretch 1 rape takes place in the police custody and every year 197 such rapes have been recorded in 2014. Talking about gang-rapes, the incidents took figures of ‘seven’ in police custody (2014). In India, on an average 4 gang-rape cases occurs in an hour.

The situation is alarming, and what our law system has fenced as the punishments for such beasts is the focus of our concern. But before we reach their let’s find out how the laws of countries across the globe treat sexual assaults:-

#1: Saudi Arabia

A rapist in Saudi Arabia is sedated and murdered in public if convicted of rape.

#2: China

China is quite strict with the rapists in their country. Chinese rapists are automatically sentenced to death after raping another person – some even die by mutilation! There a death sentence is given by a single bullet fired at the spinal cord joining the neck. Castration is also used for punishing rapists in most cases.

#3: North Korea

North Korea feels no mercy regarding its criminals who have committed rapes. Therefore, you’ll be shot by a firing squad.

#4: Afghanistan

Rape cases are very far and few in Afghanistan, because you’ll be shot in the head within four days of being caught – that or hanged. Afghanistan follows the Islamic laws for punishing those accused of rape.

#5: Iran

In accordance with the laws of Iran’s supreme judicial body, the death penalty is essential for rapists. You’ll be hanged (they believe in hanging the person to death) or shot to death if you’ve been convicted of rape in Iran

Rape Law
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#6: France

you could face up 15, 30 or life in prison – this all depends on the damage caused to the victim.

#7: Greece

The laws of Greece against rape clearly state that, whoever with physical violence or with a threat of grave and direct danger forces another to intercourse or to tolerance or action of an indecent act, is punished with incarceration.

#8: Israel

In Israel, a rape convict gets imprisoned for minimum four years and a maximum of 16 years.

#9: United Arab Emirates

In United Arab Emirates too, the punishment, is death. The rapist is hanged till death and this punishment is meted out within seven days of the crime.

#10: Egypt

In Egypt too, the culprit is hanged till death.

#11: Netherlands

Any kind of sexual assault or forced sex, including a French kiss, is considered as a rape in Netherlands. The punishment for the rapist ranges from four to 15 years of imprisonment depending on the age of the victim. Even the rape of a prostitute or any harassment done to her is given much priority in Netherlands.

Gruesome crime dealt stoutly by these countries. Now let’s see how Indian legal framework behaves with these sinners. In India, Section 376 of The Indian Penal Code deals with ‘Rape’. Considering the punishments plotted in other countries, India is mild on its convicts. In fact, before 2013, rape was not considered a major crime. The highest degree of punishment that could be given to the convict was imprisonment for seven years, that too only when the culprit was arrested and proved guilty.

It was because of that most disgraceful case in India that tainted our cast in the eyes of the world; brought the most needed change in our law protecting women-‘The Anti-rape bill’. The hideous Nirbhaya case, lead to the amendment which now encloses an act of rape, liable to life-long imprisonment and even death penalty in extreme cases. According to the new law, not only rape but other acts like sexual harassment, molestation, acid attacks, stalking and voyeurism are also liable to stringent punishments. The new law has the provision of awarding minimum 20 years of rigorous imprisonment, which can extend to life imprisonment to those found guilty of gang-rape. However, the new law was soon embedded by various questions due to its exemption provided to ‘Marital Rape’, i.e. still debatable.

With this new law in the picture, the long existing dismay in hearts of citizens can be set to a little ease. However, even after the enactment of law, India is still confronting heinous incidents of rape and perverts seems to have turned a deaf ear.

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