Top 10 Shirtless Guys On Screen

Sure, the storyline is important but you have to admit that watching shirtless guys on screen just increases the fun. You will never lose interest when you have an extremely good looking guy forcing your eyes to stay glued to the screen.

  1. Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries

A volatile vampire with smouldering good looks stripping from time to time. Is there any more reason needed to watch this?Top10ShirtlessGuysOnScreen_01

  1. Matt Bomer, Magic Mike XXL

As if his singing in the movie wasn’t enough to serenade us this guy had to take off his shirt too. He even know how to made meditation interesting.Top10ShirtlessGuysOnScreen_02

  1. Matthew McConaughey, Magic Mike

45 and this guy still got it in him. Particularly known for getting rid of his shirts in his movies, playing the role of the owner of a male strip club gave him a lot of opportunities to do that much to the delight of his female fans.Top10ShirtlessGuysOnScreen_03

  1. Brad Pitt, Fight Club

He has always been a sex symbol but only in Fight Club was he really cut to the max.Top10ShirtlessGuysOnScreen_04

  1. Bradley Cooper, The A-Team

A surefire way to get a female audience for the A-Team. Try as she might, even Jessica Beil couldn’t resist him, who can blame her, a topless Cooper is hard to take eyes off from.Top10ShirtlessGuysOnScreen_05

  1. Ryan Gosling, Crazy Stupid Love

Emma Stone echoes the sentiments of every woman when she sees Ryan Gosling shirtless for the first time. And I quote, “Seriously? It’s like you are photo shopped.” Top10ShirtlessGuysOnScreen_06

  1. Chris Evans, What’s Your Number?

When not helping America, Captain America takes upon himself to help his next door neighbour and the viewers by going shirtless time to time.Top10ShirtlessGuysOnScreen_07

  1. Daniel Craig, Casino Royale

The picture of Bond coming out of the ocean in his blue bathing suit in Casino Royale shifted the focus from staring at Bond Girls to Bond himself.Top10ShirtlessGuysOnScreen_08

  1. Channing Tatum, Magic Mike XXL

The only thing better than his abs are his stellar dance moves.Top10ShirtlessGuysOnScreen_09

  1. Kellan Lutz, The Immortals

If you want to make a movie about Greek Gods then you need to hire some dudes who look just like the statues.Top10ShirtlessGuysOnScreen_10

Hitee Singh

Not an archetypal NIFTian but a non-conformist, voracious reader, who wants to leave her mark on the world. Not a social butterfly. A Harry Potter geek and an avid watcher of action films and crime T.V show. A hardcore non-vegetarian. Loves the feline family and water sports. A slight bend towards rock music. Favourite Book-“Gone with the wind”. Favourite Poem-“Where the mind is without fear”. Favourite Movie-“ Rang De Basanti”. Favourite TV show- “One Tree Hill”. Favourite Actor-“ Ian Somerhalder”. Favourite Song-“ Hunger by Ross Copperman”. Favourite Person-“Dad”.

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