Hope bolstering NUSRL students despite administration atrocities

National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi, the highest fee charging and the largest NLU in the country is once again under the media attention due to misappropriation of funds and maladministration. It all started in April this year where students came up with the demands that included not only well-crafted Wi-Fi, infrastructure or cleanliness but also the demand to audit the financial record of the university along with the resignation of Vice Chancellor and Registrar. Failed to fulfill the demands within the promised period the peaceful protest has now been restored. On September 12, at least 200 students of NUSRL locked down the university gate and sat on a dharna.

The demands that were raised by students back in April with the consensus of all the stakeholders, including the students, the State Government, the High Court and the University administration attempt to fulfill these demands.

The annual audit records of the Accounts of the University should be put out in the public domain. Appointment of a Review Commission for enquiry into financial irregularities. Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India to audit the financial records.

The chronology of the events:

DAY 1: 12 September, 2017

The peaceful protest at the university gate was started by hundreds of students, later that day VC clearly stated that he will not, at any cost, allow students to protest and by morning area would get cleared up. Acknowledging students’ right they were allowed for peaceful protest, ironically the Tent service provider was threatened for FIR to be lodged against him.

DAY 2: 13 September, 2017

10 hours of massive protest yet none actions were taken. Being threatened throughout the day students out up everything to get what rightfully belongs to them. Now that the administration started victimizing certain students issuing notices against them. NUSRL still stood strong. Heavy placement of police was maintained at campus gate.

DAY 3: 14 September, 2017

Acting VC Mr. Gautam Chaudhary openly threatened to ruin students’ career raged yet strong dedication among students to hold the protest further against the atrocities done. Show cause notices were issued against five students merely protesting. Support from various law schools were extended. Around 9 pm Water cannons and police personnel broke the gate and entered and brutally used physical forces on students.

DAY 4: 15 September, 2017

The administration left no stone unturned in jeopardizing pupil. The protest took a new phase and voiced against the magistrate hegemony. Against the tyranny of administration students still stood in solidarity. Huge media coverage hovered around.

DAY 5: 16 September, 2017

In the harsh and rough time, a candle march lit a ray of HOPE among students and university gained sympathy from different associations. BJP state Vice President Ms. Seema visited campus and students were asked to focus on career.

DAY 6: 17 September, 2017

The agenda of being the availability of legal resources and immediate action sparked after the discussion with Indira Jaising, an advocate of the Supreme Court of India. Pankhuri Pathak, national spokesperson of Samajwadi Party showed concern.

DAY 7: 18 September, 2017

Amidst rising temperature tempo also rose and strength continues to grow. BIT Mesra also supported this movement

DAY 8: 19 September, 2017

Mr. Jaishankar Chaudhary, former CPI leader also visited campus. Completing some 180 hours of gigantic protest, students sit determined to fight for their rights and the hope is still ignited.

The teachers continue to take attendance even when no students attend the classes. The review commission which was promised still has not been constituted.

Students claimed that the university received more than Rs 10 crore from students as annual fees. However, it was not in the habit of releasing its audit reports. Each student here pays an annual fee of about Rs 1,90,000.

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