Rajnikant will join politics in 2018 ?

Time has been a testimony that actors have made themselves open to politics. Some very common examples are Hema Malini, Jaya Bachchan, Rekha and Paresh Rawal. Politics has always welcomed popularity and so actors have been the catch for politics. Be it our ‘Tulsi’ Smriti Irani or the very much loved Kumar Vishwas all have held their place in this field not merely due to their interests and knowledge but also because of the public and their love.

Amar Singh and his Guest appearances in movies might have created controversy then but they have all added to the popularity. Remember Sanjay Nirupam in Big Boss Season- 2 many people might not have known him before that. Also if Big Boss is considered how can we miss Rahul Mahajan, his existence was marked after his late father through this show, even if it did not earn it Laurence. Our pretty old and experienced actors are members of the parliament but is there a question how?? Their popularity and craze among their fans make them vote magnets and so they become favorite of the ruling parties.

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So if Rajnikant decides to join politics, Kamal Hasan says he will join hands with him, and why not they are the most loved actors of their time. Their popularity and craze in the public can be put to best if they become the political face of their states. What these popularity stricken actors don’t realize is that politics have always had an untidy reputation and their interest in these soiled chairs might actually affect their spik and span personality.

The political situation in the south is very complicated now and involvement in such mess might not actually work the best for these aspiring politicians. Rather the political situation of the country is at a very crucial point and soiling hands in wet mud might be a blow to their first step in this field. Politics have been perceived in a very casual way since long and so mishaps have also been observed. But it is essential that people pursuing a career should know how to work with it. The ignorance of these good actors to the pages of politics might work in an undesirable manner.

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Certainly, the involvement of our loved actors and actresses into politics brings new hope in the people, hope for change. Their charm inside the tall walls of the parliament freshens the aura inside. Their presence adds glamour but politics should be politics nothing can be merged into it.

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