Google One Leave No Stone Unturned To Attract Subscribers

Recently, Google has been giving its customers more reasons to subscribe to Google One, from adding a dedicated VPN to ending unlimited Google Photos storage and to the latest offer to provide a free Nest Mini smart speaker to its subscribers who upgrade to an annual 2TB storage plan.

Google One is a subscription service provided by Google to Android user. This service is however similar to iCloud, offered by Apple to its user, but this also includes additional feature like additional storage, family sharing and many others.

Launched in 2018 in the US and then in rest of the world, Google One used to offer unlimited free storage on Google Photos which will soon come to an end as announced by Google, it’s something that people are going to have to explore more.

Eligible Google One subscribers are now receiving emails invites to upgrade for the free gift. It seems like you may have to already pay for a lower-tier storage plan to get this offer. Once you upgrade to the 2TB annual plan (currently 99.99 dollars), you’ll be sent another email with instructions on how to order a free Nest Mini from the Google Store.

For all those who are excited about the free gifts, this isn’t really that great a bargain. The Nest Mini may retail for 49 dollars, but they regularly go on sale for around 20 dollars.

Google Photos unlimited storage ends in 2021

Besides this, Google One recently has introduced many new features for its premium members which include a new storage plan as well as VPN service for its user in the US.

Here is all one need to know about Google One new features.

The storage which is managed by Google One is used by Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos. However, in India, Google One storage plans are as follows:

100 GB for Rs 130 per month
200 GB for Rs 210 per month
2TB for Rs 650 per month
10 TB for 3250 per month
20TB for Rs 6500 per month
30TB for Rs 9750 per month

The Google One offer a 15 GB storage facility to its user to save data; however, after using this 15 GB, the user have to buy subscription for saving the data.

Features are included in Google On Membership.

Google One membership features include expanded storage facility in Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. It also provides a comfortable backup facility as well as access to Google storage rewards and Google Play credits. User can even share their plan to five family members and also get the facility of YouTube Premium.

Recently Google has announced that it will no longer offer the facility to user of unlimited photos in Google Photos, with effect from June 1, 2021. The company also mentions that the photos and video uploaded in high quality before June 1 will not count against the 15 GB cap. However old pixel phone user will be allowed to upload the pics in high quality even after June 1, but they will not get unlimited storage facility.

In addition to Google Photos, Google also includes Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, and Jamboard files to the 15GB storage cap.

Google will also offer many paid editing tools such as paid pop of colour feature where they can apply the filter to any photo without dept information.

Last month Google One had also introduced VPN service on to higher plan users such as 2TB and more. It is designed for secure internet usage and can be used by an individual to have access to barred site. However this is only launched in the US for Android users but soon be available in more countries and to even IOS, Windows and macOS users.

Lately, Google One app has hit the impressive 100 million download milestone on the Play Store, which is impressive considering that the app isn’t pre-installed on all Android devices like YouTube, Gmail and other.

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