Heatwaves Drive Severe Wildfires Across Southeast Europe

The heatwave surging across Southeast Europe has resulted in wildfires in Turkey, Greece, and Italy. Several fires have sprung up due to the dry weather and heavy winds, and severe destructions are caused due to raging fires. Many people are also displacing from their homes. 

The Earth is ablaze with the number of fires springing up. About eighty-one fires broke out in Greece between Aug. 2, 2021, and Aug. 3, 2021, and more than a hundred blazes broke out in Turkey. The temperatures in the area are recording as the highest in a long time. Hence, creating a heat dome, causing surging fires in the countries. 

Firefighters are trying their best to contain and extinguish the fires and save people’s homes, but this was not an easy task for Turkey. The European Union sent firefighters to Turkey due to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s outdated response. The president is criticized for owning nay firefighting planes, which resulted in help being sent to them by the European Union. Turkey has been burning for seven days with no resolve. Several lives are lost, and villages are clearing to ensure the safety of the citizens. 

Meanwhile, fire crews in Greece battled it out against the roaring fires to contain the fires. The fire services intervened in seventy-eight fires within twenty-four hours, with the island of Evia burning. Peak heat is expecting to hit Greece by the end of the week. Thus, increasing the probability of more fires ravaging the country. The fire outside Athens is under control but can be expecting to surge up anytime, making the consequences devastating. Several people are evacuating to ensure their safety.

The fire has also threatened a former royal palace, Tatoi Royal Palace, as firefighters try to contain the fires on the islands of Kos and Evia. People have been being warned to take care of smoke inhalation. Also, people are asked to stay indoors with all windows shut. 

In Italy, firefighters have been fighting fires along Italy’s Adriatic coast and Sicilys’ region. They also gained help from Canadian air tankers, allowing them to fight more than seven hundred and fifteen flareups in twenty-four hours. The European Union has been of massive helps to the countries battling wildfires. They have provided resources and support to combat the fires and ensure the security of the residents. EU’s data depicts that this fire season has been more destructive as compared to past years. 

The globally increasing wildfires are boiling down to one very familiar but ignored the problem, Global Warming. The rising temperature on our planet is giving rise to the creation of heat domes and uncontrolled wildfires. Climate change has increased in the intensity and frequency of wildfires. Human inability to curb Global Warming has caused our planet to burn in the most literal sense, endangering existence on Earth.

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