France takes centre stage on liberty, Progress and Climate Change

Win of French centrist Emmanuel Macron in French presidential elections gives the much-needed push towards wretched world climate condition. His ecological policies are considered as the ‘trump’ card in his two third votes victory over far-right Marine Le Pen.

In his build up to the win, he has addressed the importance of international cooperation on climate change. Unlike trump who believes there is no impending threat from imperceptible melting ice caps or the rising temperatures all around the globe.

Since Trump’s ascendance to White House, environmental policies have taken the worst hit. No one saw this coming. Trump on multiple occasions has claimed to pull out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Trump has put the budget allotted to EPA in jeopardy and remains sceptical about evident climate change. This is a shocker for the developing countries as they look up to the world’s largest economy in leading them to a sustainable world.

On the other hand, Emmanuel macron has given a strong statement urging US scientists working on climate change to move to France. He took a subtle dig at Trump in his statement saying “Please come to France, you are welcome. It’s your nation; we like innovation. We want innovative people. We want people working on climate change, energy, renewables, and new technologies.”. This comes after scientists in Environmental Protection Agency are unhappy with Trump’s stance regarding environment conservation. After Trumps anti-free trade stand, mulling over most important world climate agreements is a disaster. However, affirmative stand from Trump government on Paris Agreement is still awaited.

Pulling out of the Paris Agreement would definitely demote the superiority the US, world’s second largest greenhouse emitter enjoys in world governance. The void will be filled by some other nation, most likely by China. Few of major oil exploration companies such as BP, Shell and Rio Tento informed Trump that the Paris Agreement would result in expanding markets for cleaner fuel energy and creating new jobs. One could see losses looming larger than gains if the US decides to pull out.

Emmanuel Macron in his campaigns has stated the path France will adopt to protect the environment. Once a passionate investment banker pledged to double France’s wind and solar capacity by 2022, shut all coal fire stations in coming 6 years, banning exploration of fossil fuels and reduce the dependence of France on nuclear energy to 50% by 2025. This stern stance towards world ecological condition could act as a stimulus to Trump’s dull ecological eloquence. The pro-euro French President signalled in his manifesto that France will ensure the cooperation of President Donald Trump who is scrubbing all of Obama’s efforts.

Paris agreement which is a key towards mitigating global warming and ensuring every country duly plays its part was a successful step towards political unity to deal with the elephant in the room. Trump has been acting uninformed and his stance against Paris Agreement would be a blunder which he would not be able to peddle back. Emmanuel Macrons win would ensure the much-needed pressure over the US President to not make a grave mistake by ignoring the new global ecological governance paradigm.

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