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For Those Who Saw Me Beyond My Body

Ah! A morning she found herself squatting, jumping and lunging
Dieting, starving and momentarily binging
Running acres, fields and grounds
Climbing rocks, steps and hillocks
Voyaging from a oversized waist, which no man could hold on
To owning breasts that shied silicon down
The rising reliance, the beaming radiance
Transforming and metamorphosing
All for the society screaming,”Figuring the ideal figure.”

Journeying from a double-chin to a sculpted neck
Applauded and appraised, lauded and role modeled
Turning and posing to seem the prettiest
Glaring and emulating to be the other
Wearing the fittest to the loosest
Rivaling the notion of being ‘in-shape’
Clicking a selfie that mirrors the jaw line
Fearing the extras that life had to offer
The extra pound, the extra cheese, the extra pudding
‘Ah! The extras!’ the mind keeps boggling

Oblivious of the temporaries
Skipping a stage called ‘acceptance’
Her conscience spoke to her every night:
“All our life answers don’t exist in our body fat,
Yes, nurture the body till it perishes
Never foster the soul through the body
Hshhh! Shshh! ‘People will love me now’,
That’s what the mind roars
Let me slide in to tell you,
“If they love you only now, let them go!”
Grow thinner to realize that acceptance is tougher than weight-loss
Don’t let your poise depend on that weight,
Rather let your confidence diminish that weight.
Wake up to feel the pride
At any moment you can be a Beyoncé or a Rebel Wilson
Try being yourself in each of those forms
And yes you pretty girl, you’re beyond that weight 🙂

Jennifer Syed

"Evolving each day!"

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  1. Well written Jennifer… beauty lies in the soul not the waist line.. Thanks for the wonderful eye opener

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