A thought: The age of casual relations!

So of late I have been noticing this trend in the crowd to have a casual relationship. Many of the people I encounter these days (irrespective of the sex) wants to “chill”, “relax” and foremost “not get serious”. Is it cool? I am trying to understand the mindset behind these words. Everyone thinks that it’s their age to relax and not get serious into a relation. Well, if you think that, you are not even in the frame of mind to have any relation, let alone a serious one.Why invest into it then? Why raise someone’s hope and then try and mend it with a sorry!


Are you not ready for a serious commitment? The answer is “Yes” or “No” and not “But I like you, isn’t that enough?”. Let your partner know that (at the earliest). Remember this: You are the confused one, why put the other person through confusion as well?!. It’s not wrong to be unsure, but it’s wrong to not let your partner know.


So a guy spoke to me recently saying,” It started off on a casual note, I never expected her to get serious about us”. Cmon! It’s a relationship. What are you expecting? Does a train halt at the same station forever? No right. It has to go to the next level some day!


You don’t want a relation, stand by that decision. You want it, fight for it. But making a conscious decision to stay in the confused state just to enjoy the moment is a mix of selfishness and foolishness. Let’s deal with it – it’s not cool, it’s being not courageous to stand for something you believe in. Is that what we were taught?


Think back! Would you like to be treated that way? You might not accept that you have broken someone’s heart. It’s natural to hurt people. We are human. All we expect is to stand up for one’s mistake. I’m writing this not to get you serious into your relation, but just to tell you “Talk to your conscience.”

My mom told me,”Being good is not enough. You need to do good”. It’s a vicious circle after all 🙂

Jennifer Syed

"Evolving each day!"

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