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An Open Letter On Pathankot Attacks By A Concerned Indian

Enjoyed your New Year ? But did you pay tribute to the soldiers killed during the Panthankot Attack because of whom you had a ”Happy” New Year? How many of you even know about the Pathankot Attack? Well as a concerned Indian, I want to speak up and get answers on why the nation reacts to every silly topic on Social Media however irrelevant and nonsensical but surprisingly fails to show any concern or reaction to sensitive as well as important topics such as terrorist attacks! Same terrorist attack that happened in Paris few days back left entire Facebook flooded with changed dp of people showing support and it got the awareness it deserved. What about your own nation?

I hardly see any update on the the terrorist attacks in Pathankot. The soldiers who have been guarding the borders,because of whom the nation is carefree and celebrating the new year,deserve our prayers,deserve our support, deserve awareness that makes the government take actions on immediate basis to avoid such incidents. Why not use social media platform for this purpose to bring out the change we need! I hope my message gets across through maximum number of people who think like me and wish for a change.

RIP the martyrs’ of Pathankot terrorist attack. May god give strength to your families.

– Sincerely A concerned Indian 

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