Foods which were trending in 2016

We Indians are known for experimenting with our palates thanks to our epicurean indulgences. Eating out is always fun, the gourmet in us just loves to try out new and interesting delicacies. The Indian food industry is definitely not far behind when it comes to the latest trends and fads. As a very eventful 2016 comes to an end, food trends were definitely explored with great gusto. Here’s a look at what created quite the buzz in satiating our taste-buds for the year 2016.

Juicy Lucy Anyone?

Burgers have been the quintessential choice on cheat days whether eating out or ordering in. But the same old single cheese patty or double patty burger can get a tad boring. Make way for the drool worthy whopper juicy lucy burger. This very indulgent scrumptious burger with its melt-in-the-mouth veg/non-veg patty and toppings has a hidden surprise. As one devours into it get ready to slip into food coma thanks to some lip-smacking gooey melting cheese stuffed inside the juicy patty. Get transported to foodie paradise by trying out the amazing juicy lucy burger at Cafe Delhi Heights, Gurgaon or Cafe Sundance, Mumbai or just visit your nearest Dunkin Donuts outlet.

Dessert Jars

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Maybe the trendy dessert shots are too minuscule to satiate your sweet-tooth, how about indulging in the humongous desserts in mason jars. Dessert jars are all the rage thanks to the taste, portion and presentation. They even make awesome gifts. These trendy dessert jars make everything so decadent, be it your favourite chocolate truffle cake, red velvet cake or even liquid chocolate. Be ready to salivate over some awesome delectable dessert jars at Theobroma Patisserie, Mumbai or Whipped, Delhi or The Chocolate Room.

Molecular Gastronomy


Good food definitely tantalises our taste buds and adding theatrics to it is a great visual treat. Molecular gastronomy manages to do both. The Indian palate can’t seem to get enough of this amalgamation of food and science. Thanks to molecular gastronomy some of our Indian cuisines and street food have got a make-over that’s definitely uber-chic. Indulge in some incredible molecular gastronomy at Farzi Cafe, Delhi or try Masala Library, Mumbai.

Barbecue Food


Slow cooked meats, seafood and veggies have a distinct and flavourful taste that’s just hard to let go. Barbeque food is still trending and managing to pull customers to the varied Barbeque and Grill Joints opening up around the country. Meat-loving connoisseurs along with their vegetarian friends can head to their nearest Barbeque Nation to sample some finger-licking delights.

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