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Braving The Winds Through The Bay Of Bengal



“Sailing is one lovely activity which actually gets you to anchor in life,” said Thiru. K Pandiarajan, the Honorable Minister for School education, Archeology, Youth Welfare and Sports Development Department, Government of Tamil Nadu at the inauguration of the Eighth Annual India International Regatta here on Thursday. The organizers of the 8th Annual India International Regatta were not spared by the aftermath of the wreckage caused by the recent cyclone that hit the city. What began as chaotic pre-inaugural preparations on the 15th of December, moved on to a spectacular inauguration ceremony graced by the Minister of School Education, Archeology, Youth Welfare and Sports Development Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu Thiru K. Pandiarajan, Dr. Rajendra Kumar, IAS, Secretary to the Government of Tamil Nadu and Thiru. P. Ravindran, IRTS, Chairman, Chennai Port Trust.

Hosted by the Tamil Nadu Sailing Association, the Regatta is the only one of its kind in India and this edition saw about 150 participants from 18 countries.

As the day one of the regatta began with the briefing ceremony, tensions prevailed across various branches of the organizing committee as each faced and tackled various challenges that arose alongside the preparation for the launching of the boats into the sea. Despite all odds, all races went as per schedule. “Despite the cyclone, the organizers got everything together and conducted all the races as per schedule which is a very good thing,” said a parent of one of the sailors. “It was a fantastic sight to see the huge fleet at sea,” he added. The races had been split over 4 days of the regatta and saw four races each for the Laser radial, 29er, RS-1 and Wind Surfer Classes, three races for Laser 4.7 and two races for the Optimists – both the main fleet and the Green Fleet on day one.

Bjurn Zetterstrom, Coach of the Swedish team thought that the condition was perfect. “I think the condition was perfect, the wind was very steady and the swells were something that could be handled and that made the condition perfect,” he said. “The conditions were good but quite different from back home,’ said his daughter and student, Louise Zetterstrom.

On day two, the sailors were greeted with excellent sailing conditions that were a mixture of steady winds from the north-east averaging between 8-10 knots that increased to 13 knots through the day with lesser swells as compared to day one but with stronger currents. “The conditions were excellent, perfect for competitive sailing and racing,” said Mylai Prabhakar, the Deputy Principal Race Officer. The excellent conditions enabled the race committee to conduct three races each for the Laser 4.7, Laser radial and the 29ers.

The optimist class, the biggest fleet with 67 sailors in the main fleet and 15 sailors in the green fleet raced in course alpha and completed four races for both the main fleet and the green fleet. Ramadhan Tito from Indonesia is led the optimist class having got the gun in two of the four races held on day two.

The Thai sailors had a great day of sailing, across the board with their sailors finishing within the top 3 in almost all races of the day. Panwa Boonnak and Jedtavee Yongyuennarn of Thailand are right behind Tito in the leaderboard.

Admiral Kraisorn Chansuvanich, the President of the Yacht Racing Association of Thailand visited the regatta with few other naval officers from the country was impressed with the sailing conditions of the Bay of Bengal “The racing here is very good and I think next time Yatching association of Thailand will come to join the racing every year and if I ever get a chance to come back, I will come definitely,” he said. “I heard that you have sixteen countries in the regatta it is not easy to win in this race because a lot of best sailors from different countries are taking part but my team is new so they will get very good experience of the strong winds, the waves and the tides of the sea in India which will be very useful for them in future events in other countries,” he added. Delighted about the team’s performance and the excellent sailing conditions, he offered a bi-lateral exchange training for Indian and Thai sailors to enable them to get trained in conditions different from home as he as a sailor believes that only excellent training makes a successful sailor.

As the laser 4.7 sailors sailed three races on day two, Samsaurdi of Indonesia and Nancy Highfield of Hong Kong continued to lead the table securing the top two positions respectively. Samsaurdi’s guns in all the races of the day helped him to maintain his first place while Highfield’s fifth and second finish helped her to retain her lead.

The third day at the Bay of Bengal with the north-east wind averaging between 8-10 knots that went to a maximum of 12 knots while gusting. “We had good conditions and good course lengths today, we managed to get all races done on time, except for one small obstruction on the course, we did not have any other issue,” said Race Officer on course B, Praveen Prabhakar, who managed to finish four races for the 29ers, Laser Radial, 420 and three for the RS1. Windsurfer Dayne Coehlo from Goa got the gun in all the three races, maintaining his first position in the leaderboard. Oman sailor Abdullah Al Sarhi held on to his second position while his teammate, Ali Al Omrani finished second in two races and third in one to beat Rahul Chaudhary to rise up to the third position. “It is really close between all of them so it is a really good fight,” said Oman coach Sultan Albalushi commenting on his team’s performance.

At the end of four races on day three for the 420 class, the leader-board remained unchanged as Vishnu Sujeesh of the TNSA and Aryaman Dutta continued to top the charts followed by the only women team in the class Diya Correa and Krisha Mongia of RBYC. Anand Thakur and Pradeep Thakur continued to lead the 29er class having won all the four races of the day. The Laser radial Class saw very few changes in the leader board, as Christopher Bezy from Hong Kong, with two third place finishes and one second place replaced fellow countrywoman Marian Williams at the third place. “It was quite good, light at the first race and picked up a little later and the waves were smaller which was good for me,” said Bezy.

Course A that saw the optimists and the laser 4.7 had four races each in tough conditions for the 4.7’s whose first race had to be abandoned and restarted due to a significant wind shift. The Optimist class continued to see the Thai team doing well but, Indonesian Ramadan Tito continues to lead. Thai sailor, Saranwong Poonpat was favored by the winds as his performance on day three resulted in him with moving from 7th to 3rd position.

On the final day, the race committee was welcomed with challenging conditions as the wind from the north by east went gusting 18-20 knots coupled with huge swells in the sea. The day, that started off early, saw two races for all the classes with the optimist green fleet sailing just one within the port, owing to the challenging conditions.

Ramadhan Tito from Indonesia emerged the winner of the optimist main fleet, which was the largest fleet with 67 sailors. Saranwong Poopat was favored by the winds again, as he rose to the second position after getting the gun in both the races resulting in fellow Thai sailor Panwa Boonak moving down to the third place.

Indonesian sailor Samsaurdi who has been on the top of the charts since day one emerged the winner in the Laser 4.7 class followed by Nancy Highfield from Hong Kong. Highfield, who was happy to have bagged the silver overall, was comfortable sailing in the challenging conditions. “My best races were today, hiking upwind was a little tiring nevertheless I am glad it is over,” she said. Koteshwar Rao replaced Ram Milan Yadav in the third place, bagging the bronze.

Vishnu Saravanan from India, who had been leading the laser radial class since day one got the gun in one of the two races of the day, thereby sealing his position for the gold while on the other hand Christopher Bezy from Hong Kong got the gun in one race and finished third in another, pushing Indian Sailor Rishab Nayar to the third place thereby taking home the silver. “It was really nice, the conditions were pretty windy and it was good,” Bezy said delighted to head home, but at the same time having fallen in love with the conditions here.

Anand Thakur and Pradeep Thakur, who were leading the 29er open category throughout won the class having got the gun in all the races except two. The same was the case with sailors Aryaman Dutta and Vishnu Sujeesh who won the 420 open class.

Dayne Coehlo who was leading the RS1 class from day one was the undisputed winner of the class. Having enjoyed the challenging conditions here on the final day, he said that “This is my favorite kind of condition and I am a little sad that we had just two races today.”

The Regatta concluded with a grand prize distribution ceremony at the Taj Club House, Chennai in the august presence of Vice Admiral H. C. S. Bisht, AVSM Flag officer Commanding- in-Chief, Eastern Naval Command. Also, present at the ceremony were Lt. Gen. R.K. Anand General Commanding Officer, Dakshin Bharat Area; Shri. Har Sahai Meena, IAS, Commissioner of Tourism and Managing Director Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation; Shri. N. Subramainyan, Deputy Managing Director and President of Lansen & Toubro and Shri U.V. Mannar Executive Director Indian Oil Corporation. The winners, Jury and the Race committee were felicitated in the ceremony.

An aspiring chartered accountant and journalist. Also, a passionate photographer , an avid reader with a heart filled with wanderlust, adventures are always a yes! I like to meet new people, learn about different cultures whilst being deeply intrigued by history and Indian mythology. Long drives, walks, and soothing music fuel my soul. Doodling and painting helps me battle boredom. I believe in looking a little beyond everyday and everything for simplicity is peaceful and life, truly. Briefly, a nerd who is out of the box, an artist by choice, writer by passion and photographer by obsession.

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Project Zaraat by Enactus DCAC




Project Zaraat | News Aur Chai Media

Farmers form the backbone of the Indian Economy, making up more than 40% of the workforce. However, every day 28 people dependent on farming commit suicide—the post-harvest losses in the country amount to over 93,000 crores per year. The loss of 93,000 crores constitutes approximately 40% of the country’s total produce. This occurs due to the perishable nature of agricultural produce, which often forces farmers to sell their produce at the prevailing market price, be it high or low, thereby resulting in a loss of bargaining power.

Addressing this issue through the positive power of social entrepreneurship, Enactus DCAC, an international not for profit student body organisation, initiated Project Zaraat for the upliftment of the farming community. The mission of Project Zaraat is to minimise post-harvest losses and enhance forward linkages through a self-sustaining social enterprise.

Project Zaraat | News Aur Chai Media

Project Zaraat | Image Source: NAC Media

Under the mentorship and guidance of Michigan State University and the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Zaraat provides the farmers with a unique storage solution that works on the principle of evaporative cooling. It is affordable, portable, and eco-friendly, making it different from conventional storage facilities. Moreover, this solution increases the shelf life of the produce by upto ten days, ensuring that the quality of produce does not deteriorate. Apart from this, they also aim to partner with various B2B aggregators to ensure a rise in income for the farmers and provide them with payment security.

Project Zaraat | News Aur Chai Media

Project Zaraat | Image Source: NAC Media

Currently, they are in the process of integrating farmers into an FPO to ensure collective bargaining power. They are also exploring sustainable agriculture practices that are vital in a climate constrained world.

Project Zaraat is a recipient of the KPMG Ethics Grant and also received a Special Mention at the Enactus Early Stage National Competition 2021.

Building on this by the end of the year, they aim to sustain the lives of 100 farmers by providing them with an income boost of 25%, reduce post-harvest losses by a whopping 60%, and minimise the energy consumption by 20%. For more information, visit

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Retake 2022 is on its way!



Retake 2022 | News Aur Chai Media

Retake, the annual intercollegiate national-level mass media festival of L. S. Raheja College of Arts and Commerce, is all set to launch its 7th edition on 27th, 28th, and 29th January 2022 on the live streaming platform, Zoom. The festival will also be streamed live on their YouTube channel LSR-BMM’s Retake.

The theme for Retake 2022 is “Maestro of Nemesis.” The theme revolves around the concept of the portrayal of good and evil and the thin line that divides the two. The Bollywood-based theme classifies and recognizes the circumstances that play a vital role in changing the core essence of the character. The theme acknowledges and relies on the plotline of the film to understand the personality shift that a character undergoes when exposed to untoward conditions.

The festival is organized by the students of the BAMMC department of L. S. Raheja College of Arts and Commerce. Since 2015, Retake has been a podium for the media students to exhibit their talents. From organizers to participants, it provides a stage for students to express themselves and build valuable skills, connections, leadership qualities and make memories to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Like every year, Team Retake is looking forward to a successful event that will come alive by the end of this week. This weekend you may all tune into experience the exciting events and the roar of “Retake ek mahol hai” in its true competitive spirit.

Speaking of events, this is the blockbuster line-up of events that will be the crown jewel of Retake 2022. The events are:
● Own the Beat: A solo dance event where dancers have to incorporate props given to them in their performance.
● कला-Caricature: An art-based event where the creator of the most original, creative, and accurate caricature will be the winner.
● LOL: League of Laughter: The stand-up comedy event where the comedian who manages to pull out the maximum laugh will win the event.
● Cinephilia: A short film event where one’s film-making skills will be up against the best our nation has to offer.
● BGMI: A gaming event that is supreme with one’s meticulous strategies and smart tactics over three maps, namely Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar.
● Ankahi Kahaniya: The short story event where one has to write a “What If” to a given situation. This event will put you up against the nation for the tag of “Best Writer.”
● Pitching Paradise: An advertising event where over two rounds, you will have to be on top of your persuasion game to sell your way to victory.
● Aesthetic Frames: A photography event that captures the essence of an iconic phrase from classic literature.
● Razor Tongues: The debate event where your razor tongues will be reinforcing your argument while cutting the opposition’s counters to shreds.
● Triple your TRPs: The journalism event that brings out the unbiased and objective reporting of a fictitious scene.
● Under the Spotlight: The mono-acting event where a combination of story, stage persona, and acting chops will win the day.

The events will be streaming on Retake’s official YouTube channel, “LSR-BMM’s Retake.” You can virtually be a part of Retake 2022 in the comment section. The exact schedule for Retake 2022 is up on the Instagram handle, “@retake.2022”. Tune in on Retake’s official Instagram page for links to their YouTube streams which will be posted on their story and bio. For more updates on the festival, follow Retake’s social media handles and be a part of the media adventure this weekend.

Digital News Partner: News Aur Chai Media

For Events Association, mail us at [email protected]

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“Share” – A Bit Initiated By Bizzenture



Bizzenture | News Aur Chai

‘Share a Bit’ is a Food Drive initiated by the students of Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) from R.D & S.H National College and S.W.A Science College. The students of BMS have an urge for Humanity since the past two years have been a hard time for almost everyone, wherein basic food and necessities are a task to get done, especially for the marginalized.

It is a Small Initiative from Bizzenture Team to come forward and collect funds as “Sharing is Caring.” The funds raised would then be utilized for the benefit of the marginalized around the college vicinity.

This great charity is supported under the guidance of the Principal Dr. Neha Jagtiani, Coordinator of BMS Prof. Nikisha Kukreja, and our faculty members Prof. Suman Dhanani, Prof. Darshana Kamble, along with the student team Kshitij Bhatia, Abdul Baasit Merchant, Peeyush Kumar, Celeste Mathews, Gulshan Jaha Shaikh, Dhvani Panchal, Falaah Sankhla.

Digital News Partner: News Aur Chai Media

For Events Association, mail us at [email protected]

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