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Did Aam Aadmi Party Win The Hearts Of The Delhiites?

The Delhi Assembly Elections are coming up, and the youth are speaking out. What makes a good leader? One reflects as the term of the Aam Aadmi Party, and Arvind Kejriwal comes to an end.

What do we need?

We, as citizens, need a government that can stop the religious conflicts and will not cause problems in the name of religion. A government which can handle the disturbance and violence and protests properly and don’t just pass the orders to beat the protestors is what youth often look for. Priyanka Gandhi and the Congress party made their support and presence known during the recent university protests-while the other parties were speaking out, calling it a way of propaganda. There needs to be a leader who is an icon and a voice for the injustices that have taken place. With leaders like this, there is no need to question the freedom of speech of the youth-the upcoming generation.

Pollution is a big issue for Delhi, a party that can help to tackle this hazardous problem will surely win many hearts. Following are the issues the next government need to address:

  1. Control the inflation in prices of primary daily produce.
  2. A party that will improve the education system and ensure that even the people coming from the lower-income category can afford the same.
  3. Willingness to listen to the needs of people, college students.
  4. Focus on major issues like environmental issues, waste disposal, water issues and others.
Was Aam Adami Party Able Win The Hearts Of The Delhiites?
Source: Arvind Kejriwal’s Instagram Account

The Glorious Days of Aam Aadmi Party

Arvind Kejriwal, during his early years as Chief Minister, used to blame the Central government for all the bad things happening in Delhi. Although he had lost some of the best Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidates to his attitude and way of politics, he started to implement the promises that were made to the people.
There are small changes he made, such as:

  1. Regularization of Unauthorized colonies.
  2. CCTV installations across Delhi.
  3. Converting abandoned buses, as sleeping places and shelters for the poor during winter (Much needed considering Delhi’s dropping climate)

There were also significant changes the present CM has made, which helped the citizens of Delhi. Right from school going children to high-end people in business and everyone in between, the AAP had made notable changes that have helped Delhiites a lot.

Let’s review the changes that were implemented recently:

Education: They remodelled government schools by improving infrastructure and providing private -level facilities. They had also recently convinced Mr Anand Kumar (real hero behind Super 30) to provide one lecture per month to Delhi government schools via video conferencing. They waved off 10th and 12th board examination fees for all students as well. Have you read about Happiness Curriculum recently introduced in government schools? Going to school now looks much better than before, I suppose.

Was Aam Adami Party Able Win The Hearts Of The Delhiites?
Source: Pexels

Government documents doorstep delivery: AAP last year introduced doorstep registration and delivery of 40 services that include applying for Driving License, marriage certificate, birth certificate and others. You just have to call the phone number provided; the representative will come and collect your documents and once approved it will be delivered to your home for only Rs 50. How convenient it is for Delhiites now? It means an end to waiting in ridiculously long lines, wasting time and getting nowhere and also provide job opportunity to many through this. Efficiency is the number one key to success.

Water and cheap electricity: Some would not believe that Delhi being the capital city now have more affordable water and electricity bills compared to any other state. The AAP had made it happen. Their initiative to reduce and cut down these bills really meant they have listened to the need of the hour. With temperatures dropping from mid-November till late February, room heaters and radiators are used throughout the night. The reduction of the cost of the electricity bill allows Delhiites not to be worried about high bills resulted in the usage of room heaters.

Pollution check: With the increase in pollution and smoke covering most of the city, the party had taken up the initiative to re-introduce the odd/even numbering system on the streets. This has decreased to some extent, the pollution in the city and made it safe again.

Mohalla Clinics: These clinics were set up to provide healthcare among the weaker sections of the society. Those who cannot afford the primary health care can take up treatment in these clinics set up all across the city free of cost. Though the party’s initial target was 1000 clinics in the city before the 2020 elections, as of 2018 around 450 clinics were set-up which caters to around 2 million patients. The clinics have not only received praise within the country but globally as well.

Many promises are being made before the election; however, these remain as promises–looking into Arvind Kejriwal and his party at least trying to do some good work at the ground level gives hope to Delhiites. Many Delhiites are getting ready to vote for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the next election purely based on the previous experience. There has not been much chance for opposing parties to swoop in and become the state’s favourite. India currently needs leaders like Arvind Kejriwal to convert from ‘developing’ to ‘developed’.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of NAC and NAC does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

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