Why support Donald Trump?

People find Donald Trump incomprehensible and bewildering. I find him to be transparent and obvious. Unlike the rest of us he has no need to worry about the public consequences of his behavior.{Unless they are criminal actions.}

He has F YOU money and he is acting upon that intoxicating state of well being. He got rich selling property to other rich people; social disapproval and boycott of products mean nothing in that sphere. The TV and other shows are just brand strengthening and narcissistic self applause.

They do not affect the bottom line. When a man is basically free to snarl any thing that pops into mind and society cannot punish him for that, this is exactly what we get. People may disapprove in public but in private there is more than a little envy and longing.

It is a bizarre freedom that he has, more like an Asura than anything else, but the fact is he is free to say, think and act exactly as he wishes and he does so every day. We cannot, or dare not.

I like Trump because he is an enormous middle finger to political correctness and leftist liberals. I like him. I do not approve of him. Even Yogis are concerned with fallout when they speak on anything. Even I censor myself every day, and for good reasons. Not this guy. In a peculiar way he is the only truly free man we have today. It says a lot about the value systems and societies we have created that the one man with a soul he can call his own is a narcissistic blowhard sociopath.

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