Cure Pollution Before It Kills You!

Isn’t it’s the worst thing to live in an atmosphere which itself is getting worse due to the ill deed of human? Delhi has set an example of the case mentioned above; pollution has increased in the air to such an extent that living and breathing in Delhi is not less than having 50 cigarettes at a time!

Steps that are taken by the Delhi Government

Government is trying their best to take every possible measure, minor or major, to reduce the pollution levels in the atmosphere significantly.

A few days back Delhi chief minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal shares his action plan to control the problem and tweeted “Today we have announced a 7-point Parali Pradushan Action Plan that involves

  1. Odd-Even
  2. Pollution Masks
  3. Community Diwali Laser Show
  4. Environment Marshals
  5. Hotspot Control
  6. Dust Control
  7. Tree Challenge

This is a comprehensive plan to prepare ourselves for smog”. As a responsible citizen, we can do our part to bring down and control pollution. Let me give you some idea.


If possible, try to plant natural purifiers, i.e. trees. We can plant them at our homes and public gardens or any other suitable place found. Though a long-run plan, it will help your future generation.


Try to travel in public transport rather than choosing to drive in personal cars. By taking such a step, we can reduce the number of vehicles on the road, which will help to control pollution. This is something which is in our control; we can choose to fight against pollution by taking this measure.


Try to spread awareness among people around you about the measures to fight against pollution. Make people aware of the consequences of prolonged exposure to these pollutants on the health of nature and human.


Government is distributing masks to filter the breathing process of humans so that the harmful gases and residues can be filtered from getting inside the body.


If you find some illegal activity being undertaken, which has been recently banned by the government by considering the pollution issue, immediately report to the police against it.

There are several reasons for this level of pollutants, one of the major among those factors is stubble burning, which is majorly done in the neighbouring state Punjab and Haryana. Even after the ban on this practice, cases are still being reported.

The top court had ordered that all farmers be given a Rs 100 per quintal incentive to prevent them from setting their fields on fire in preparation for the next crop and provide them free machines to get rid of the agriculture residue.

Due to decrease in wind speed and increase in temperature, the air has become denser which lead to accumulation of the harmful particulate matter and pollutants in the atmosphere and therefore making the process of bringing down the pollution levels difficult.

As air quality in Delhi and surrounding cities continue to remain in the ‘severe’ category, it is expected to enter the “severe-plus” or “emergency” category on Wednesday.

Why fall again?

With the raging stubble fires in the nearby states and fall in the temperature on Tuesday, the toxic fog returned to Delhi and its neighbourhoods.

Experts said the spike in pollution levels could be attributed to a significant decline in wind speed. Furthermore, the incidents of stubble burning in Haryana and Punjab have increased, and northwesterly winds have been bringing more farm fire plumes to the Delhi-NCR region. As per the experts, the condition is expected to improve by November 15 slightly.

In this challenging time, we need to stand together and work towards reducing the pollution, which is not only causing harm to humans but also nature. We need to create an atmosphere where we are safe at our homes too. Every small measure counts, so don’t underestimate any.

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