Coronavirus Lockdown: What And How To Cook?

These days my social media accounts are filled with people sharing several posts of their cooking, art and craft activities which they are trying during this lockdown. From images of successful Dalgona Coffee making to completed painting is all that can bring a spark of happiness among everyone.

As the coronavirus pandemic spread throughout India, and everyone is rapidly practising social distancing to contain the spread of the virus also trying to stock a pile. Here are some guideline as to how and what to cook during the lockdown.

Make your own stock:

One day before the lockdown nation saw every store front crowded– supermarket, grocery store and every other essential store. However, the government had made it clear that all essential goods stores will be open, still, we were running around pile up our house with stocks. As we are nearly two weeks into the lockdown, let’s now be wise and store what’s needed rather than over piling.

In area’s were complete quarantine is declared, government officials are doing their best to provide essential goods at each doorstep. So let’s not panic buy, instead buy wisely.

Shop at your local Asian grocer.

They need you right now, but you also need them. These stores are expected to be cheaper and less congested than chain supermarkets; also they carry a whole host of crunchy, fermented, intensely flavorful ingredients that will lend taste and texture to even the most boring work-from-home lunch. These stores might likewise have homegrown vegetable and certain local snacks.

Use this time to get into fermentation.

While buying fresh produce, you might have purchased some extras; Well, then it’s time to make some jam or pickle. It takes a little time and patience, though fermentation preserves fruits and vegetables beyond their normal shelf life while changing their flavour and texture. You might be knowing that most of the vegetable can be pickled; if you are clueless as to how to make a pickle, now is the time to use those YouTube cooking series that are abounding with ideas and techniques.

Spice up your boring chickpeas.

Soak chickpeas in water overnight, boil it with salt and pepper (a lot). Add a pinch of sesame seeds and turmeric, four cloves of garlic, and add olive oil if not vegetable oil. Mash, heat to medium for four minutes; mash again. Heap on a cracker or bread; save the rest.

Powdered milk is simple to use and lasts longer.

In this time of social distancing, let’s go for instant milk for the time being. Surprisingly these milk powders are cheap, and unlike the refrigerated stuff, it has a longer shelf span. Most powdered milk is a tad sweeter and a little thinner than regular milk, and the difference between the two will be evident if you’re drinking it straight. However, if you’re baking, or looking to add some creaminess to your dish, nobody will know you used powder and water instead of the real thing.

Cooking is also one way you can kill time and simultaneously, be productive during this lockdown. It also helps us to come over the fear and anxiety this deadly virus has brought about.

Lastly, let’s learn not to waste food anymore, as such time teaches us the value of food and essentials.

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