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Coronavirus: Bhilwara Highly In Need Of Governments Attention After Lockdown

As the Coronavirus pandemic dig deeper inside the lives of India citizens, the lockdown and slowdown of the economy are making the situation grave. The residents of Bhilwara, a city which is facing the heat of Coronavirus to an alarming extent wherein they were under curfew even before the Prime Minister announced the 21 days lockdown is now worried whether they will have to starve till this lockdown ends.

After almost 14 days of curfew which began since the afternoon of March 20 in Bhilwara, the residents in the city are now struggling to get the basic necessities at their doorsteps.

The lockdown in the city is very stringent that no shops are open and residents are left with insufficient basic necessities. Even if a handful of shops are opening, residents have no idea in which locality and what will be available there.

They are now in a state where they have to step outside to meet their basic needs and buy necessities. Authorities are not showing enough support to help these people cope up with their day to day life. Police and local authorities when addressed with this issue state that, “there are only a few vans distributing some eatables, but there is no loudspeaker on the vans to inform the locals that they are parked in a particular lane.”

As the residents are locked indoor, they have no means to know as to when these vans/vehicles carrying supplies arrive. The citizens are left to depend on their own capacity to know where they can get necessities. Since occupants are confined to their homes, and can’t go outside, the lockdown with the shortage of supplies is making their life miserable.

They are entirely dependent on various online sources like WhatsApp messages to know where they can get the basic necessities, as newspapers are not available in this area since lockdown.

Though the occupants have tried to contact several other authorities and agencies for help, all went in vain as either the phones were unavailable or switched off.

The residents said that they understand that lockdown is for their well being and betterment of the society to fight against the deadly virus. However, they question the irresponsibility of local administration, because they are deprived of any information as to where to get the supplies.

“I would request the government to provide food for the poor and needy in this city as well as those extremely affected by this curfew,” a resident of Bhilwara, said to NewsAurChai.

Further, they said “Government should think about the homeless people and provide them with food. We are waiting for a ‘Maha Curfew’ based on the information we are getting through the news portals. In the wake of such an event, people won’t be able to step outside, then is this government planning to deliver essential commodities to us at homes? Or will we have to starve.”

Everyone isn’t rich enough to buy essential goods for a long time, and everyone also wasn’t prepared for weeks of lockdown. There will be basic needs from all over. Is the government equipped with the home delivery system?

Bhilwara needs valid information and proper communication system so the residents can get help. It is not just the demand of one family, but the whole community of Bhilwara, as they are forced to step outside to meet their need amidst lockdown.

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