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“Selfless service alone gives the needed strength and courage to awaken the sleeping humanity in one’s heart.”
-Sai baba

The above-mentioned quote fits for a lady who is part of one of the prestigious institutes Narsee Monjee for 35 years and still contributing to the institute her immense love and dedication towards work. Apart from her work which she enjoys the most, is an activity or better we can say as a habit is called with the name as Cat-feeder.

Also called cat-lady, Glida Goes is an epitome of love, affection, selfless care, and nurture because the way she takes care of rescue animals, especially cats, are truly worth applauding.

Scrolling down through some feed on Instagram and stories I went through a post shared by one of my friend pursuing MBA in NMIMS, labelled as ‘HUMAN OF NMIMS’ and as a cynophilic person, not all animals lover I intend to open the post. As soon as I started reading it, I got knocked out of that typical stereotype statement as “what more can an individual do in this busy life”. However, after reading about this lady, her love, care and dedication I promise, you will say that what can’t an individual do!

Gilda Goes is an exemplary person to look forward to. Her work includes feeding the rescued animals, and she has successfully saved 17 cats by feeding them daily; she proudly says “I am a mother of 17 cats and still counting.”

The story behind the love

On reading the post on Instagram shared by @xplorenmims handle, I got to know the journey of the lady from a rescuer to a mother. She witnessed a dreadful incident of the death of a dog by his owner, which shattered her soul. She decided that she won’t let other animals go through the same pain again ever.

She started rescuing them, calling an ambulance for them and contacting veterinary doctors but later she realized that there is not enough medicare available for animals. From that, she got an idea of self-treating these animals by basic first aid criteria to a limit which a non-medical individual can do. Newspapers, articles, and journals helped her out in this journey of becoming a non-medical to medical or somehow an animal rescue person.

Now she is happily and proudly visits, rescue and treats these animals. Within a span of a few years, she adopted a paralyzed cat, a cat with no hind legs, blind cat and others as well.

The best part that all the animals get the same love and nurture from the family members of Glida. On Sunday when we all enjoy our holiday, she spends her day at Ahimsa Hospital situated in Malad, North Mumba from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. She never felt it like a burden, she enjoys it, and it has become a habit for her. Maybe this is her panacea for all angst in life.

All that we need now is, more cat-lady to dig-in the soul of humanity to make humanity live again.

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