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Air Force Officer Killed By TMC Leader’s Son

Indian Air-force Officer Abhimanyu Gaud was killed during the Republic Day rehearsal parade after a speeding car (a brand new Audi) smashed through the barricades and knocked him down. The car was allegedly being driven by the son of former RJD MLA and current TMC leader Mohammed Sohrab, police said. If only late airforce officer, Abhimanyu Gaud (21) could speak up, this is what he would say

“66th Republic Day,

I, Abhimanyu Gaud (21) was excited, first time in my small career I was given a contingent of troops to train for the Republic-day.
I finished my daily chores and was on the street with my troops around 6 in the morning.
Roads were properly barricaded from all sides and I started my practice as usual.
Around 6:30 AM I felt extreme pain in my whole body, I soon realized I was knocked down by a speeding vehicle on the red road, where I was practicing with my contingent.
A loud thud and vehicle only stopped at the stone cemented divider.
The Driver ran away from the scene and I was rushed to the nearby military hospital all numb.
I was declared dead on arrival and my family was informed.
After preliminary rounds of investigation, police came to know the driver of the vehicle.
A powerful TMC politician’s( Mohammed Sohrab) son Ambia Sohrab(26).
He ran away from the scene and till the time police started the investigation, there was no one at the registered address of the accused not even a single family member was left behind for interrogation.
I, Abhimanyu was on duty like many others.
Supervising the air force contingent, which was on a barricaded road, knocked down no more into this world.
Laid down my life on duty that’s the biggest satisfaction I’ve as a soldier, but the question is how long this VIP culture will suppress the common man.”

– Anonymous

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