4 Common Skin Problems During Summer And Remedies

Summer seems to be a lot of fun. From going swimming in the pool or oceans to sunbathing on the beach, there are a million other things which we all love to do during summer. However, do you know how many skin infections you can get during the summer? Well, there are plenty, and we are not just talking about the tan.

Everyone knows about getting tan, but there are other infections too about which one needs to be aware of to fight them. Here is a list of 4 skin infections and how to treat them.

1. Sun Tan

Summer skincare
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First and foremost, the skin infection that happens most during summer and which comes to our mind before anything else is sun tanning. Prolonged exposure or constant exposure to the sun, tan the skin more easily. Severe sun burning is quite uncomfortable as it makes the skin red, peels the skin and sometimes even starts itching.

How to protect yourself: Even though applying sunscreen with a high SPF does not protect your skin from tanning, you should not stop using it as it is essential to prevent skin damage. You can also protect your skin by wearing light coloured clothes which deflect the rays of the sun. Wearing broad-brimmed hats, sunglasses and carrying an umbrella, will also help in protecting yourself from the UV rays of the sun. Aloe vera also helps in bringing relief to tanned skin and itchy skin.

2. Prickly heat or heat rash

4 Common Skin Disease During Summer And Remedies
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In summer, the sweat glands which overwork themselves because of excessive heat gets blocked. As a result, the sweat cannot get out, and it remains trapped under our skin, resulting in a rash and itchy bumps. When these bumps ultimately burst, many people feel a prickly sensation on their skin (maybe that’s the reason it’s called prickly heat).

How to protect yourself: You should wear light-weight and loose-fitting clothes which are made out of cotton. To keep your skin cool, take cold showers. Try and exercise only when the temperature is low. You need to remove all traces of sweat and keep your skin as dry as possible, especially in the folds of the skin.

3. Acne Formation

4 Common Skin Disease During Summer And Remedies
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In summer, due to the excessive heat, our body starts sweating more to lower our body temperature. As a result of this, the sebaceous glands start producing more oil to keep our skin moisturised. This oil, along with the accumulated dead skin cells block the pores, which in turn helps in forming acne.

How to protect yourself: When you wipe off your skin, it might cause a breakout. So you need to gently pat yourself with a soft cotton towel to remove the sweat. You cannot avoid wiping the sweat but what you can prevent is rubbing your skin or using rough towels. Avoiding oil-based moisturisers and make-up is also good.

4. Folliculitis

4 Common Skin Disease During Summer And Remedies
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As the name suggests, this is an infection of your follicles. In this type of infection, every hair grows out of an opening which is known as a follicle. When these follicles get clogged or infected due to the sweat or dust, folliculitis happens. It mostly looks like an acne/pimple, as a result of which, it also causes itching and irritation.

How to protect yourself: You should avoid wearing tight clothes during the excessive heat of summer. After any physical activity, you should immediately go and take a shower. Most importantly, always remain clean and fresh, which will help you avoid this infection.

So this summer take good care of your skin and keep it healthy.

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