10 Reasons Why School Life Is Awesome

“Fir se school ka woh basta pakda do maa, Mujhe zinadgi ka sabak bahut mushkil lagta hai” – Anonymous

As board results being out and another academic year starts many little ones join in while many leave their second home and head for college. School might be a second home, but it’s a place where everything happened for the first time. The first friends, the first “bahar jake murga bano” the first crush, and the first heartbreak.

So here are 10 reasons why no matter where you go and what you do school will always be the best

1. We get friends for life

NO matter what you achieve in life and wherever you there is nothing more precious than a phone call from a school friend 10 years later.

School friendships are pure, filled with innocence and crazy promises to live and love together.1

2. We get lessons for life

Life teaches us things no books are capable of, and the most important these are what and how we learn them as a kid. Most lessons that we learn in school are actually those experiences that we thought didn’t matter.2

3.We for the first time realise our dreams before reality sweeps in.

A school is the first time where we can dream without thinking about what the reality is or “LOG KYA KAHEGE”. It’s the time when imaginations are free and desires are limitless3

4. First crush

Nothing in this world can be as beautiful as eternal love, but we can’t argue that nothing can replace the feeling of having your first crush.The first butterflies in the stomach and the first “dekh mat bhabhi hai teri” (well we all remember that one. :P)4

5. And then the heartbreak :'(

If loving is a part of life then so are heartbreaks.

Those sleepless nights with friends by your side, who can turn even the most boring people into life motivators and the most joyful people into Devdas part two.5

6. The school is the only time in life when failing together is better than passing alone.

The school is the time where your reaction after a test depends on the average marks of your friends. There a perfect fail score unites more people than a perfect 10.6


A lot of you might think this point shouldn’t be on this list. But, believe me, guys, even the 3 am “kitna hua” and “yaar syllabus to bata” a night before the test is a feeling you will miss once you get into the competitive world.7

8. The running away from the phone after exams.

We all hate those “aur beta kitna aaya” and “Sharma uncle ke beta ko 99.99% aaya”. But we can’t argue that’s the only time of the year we used to get so much attention.8

9. The ludo, the hide and seek and the Pokemon cards.

No squash, polo or any other high fi games can compensate the joy of   doing “inki pinki ponki”

to choose a den and waiting for the clock to strike 6. No matter how much good you get at playing cards with your office friends or kitty group, counting the number of Pokémon or IPL cards you have will always be priceless.9

10. And at last, those memories

A school is great friends, believe me cause years later life won’t be so carefree anymore, friends might not be as crazy and you might be not so young.

Cause even decades later nothing will be as good as a quite night with coffee and all those amazing memories that will have a quiet place deep in your heart.10

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