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Crime Has No Gender

The fact that crime against men is a mum topic not only in India but all around the world can be easily figured out as soon one types the words “crime against” in Google search.

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YES, THEY DO. In fact, the data’s really shocking

More than 22,000 Indian Men have ended their life in reverse dowry Harassment by their wives against 6800 wives who ended their life due to dowry harassment by their husbands. In all the 6800 cases the Indian husbands had been sent behind bars without any investigation and more than 68% found to be innocent, whereas in the 22,000 cases only 6 cases had been registered and not a single woman has been questioned as to why their Husbands ended their life, let alone any punishment. According to the national crime bureau report – 1.7 MILLION people have been arrested under section 498A of the IPC (popularly known as the dowry law) in the past 12 YEARS.

Even serious sexual assault crimes like harassment, stalking and rape against men are often ignored in this so-called gender equality discussions.


On one side where women victims of rape domestic violence and even acid attacks don’t get justice in India in spite of having some remarkable laws to protect their rights, men on the other hand face problems even on the very ground levels.


In fact the very Section 375 of IPC dealing with rape and legal provisions against it, mentions no rapes or sexual assaults against men, actually it portrays women as victim and men as criminals. Even IPC Sections 354 A, 354 B, 354 C and 354 D, dealing with sexual harassment, disrobing, stalking and voyeurism all accept women as victims and men as the executors. There is only IPC Section 377, which is also crippled, it records for sexual violence against men but it incorporates only penile sexual intercourse, non-penile abuse victims are not served by law (which in simple sense means if a man rapes a man its a crime but not if a woman rapes a man). And also as we all know that section 377 of the IPC is also the section that criminalises homosexuality, it’s disturbing to see the section that criminalises a homosexual is the only legal support men get for such serious crimes.


Patriarchy patriarchy and patriarchy

It’s hard to be more specific………


Our very own favourite patriarchy system that we think is designed just for men actually considers them to be born criminals. Men are labelled as violent abusive and disrespectful by our so called men favouring society. The recent case of Jasleen Kaur vs Sarbjit Singh (which is still under investigation though) is a fine example as to how easy is it for the entire nation to accept a man to be criminal based on nothing but just a cry of a girl. There isn’t any other explanation to why even the thought of a man being innocent is so hard to accept. As to why a man being raped by women is such shocking and unbelievable news to us when India is ranked third in the rape capital list.


Over the past few years, a lot a feminist and other activist have started to understand that gender equality discussions cannot be done without considering men’s problems

Some of the famous feminist movements have also decided to consider the above problems of men and work on it.

Deepika Bharadwaj, a very famous men’s rights activist who played a remarkable role in bringing the truth out in the Rohtak sisters case. Her speech on TEDX “MEN THE FORGOTTEN GENDER” is an eye opener.

Here is the video by Deepika Bharadwaj,



  •   Men abuse women, women also abuse men. CRIME HAS NO GENDER.
  •   A man beating his wife is a criminal, a man just accused of it is not.
  •   4 years old to 90 years old send to jail for domestic violence, is this fair or even logical?
  •   RAPE is forced sex……not forced sex on women, men can be raped, women can rape.
  •   Every guy on the street is not an eve teaser, the girl can be wrong.
  •   A hand to help shouldn’t see the gender it’s helping.
  •   No gender is pure, no gender is born criminals.
  •   Feminism is for equality of men and women……not just women


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