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#ZODIAC – The Extravaganza Of RGIT Mumbai

College fests have always been the centre of creativity. Be it creativity in organising innovative events, or the creativity displayed by students in showcasing their talents for various events and performances. One such upcoming college festival is already soaring high on the excitement metre amongst the student community. This is the week of Zodiac, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology’s annual techno-cultural festival.

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of technology, an engineering college located near the breezy and upmarket area of Versova in Mumbai, celebrates its annual Zodiac with much euphoria and enthusiasm. This year, the Zodiac 2017 edition has “Halloween” as its theme. Such themes give all the students, whether they’re participating or organising, a lot of room for creativity. The theme Halloween has been picked up because as a festival, it is associated with a lot of creativity and is a theme that hasn’t been explored in any festival before. It has a lot of different aspects like fear and horror as well as the lighter aspects like the costumes and trick or treating. All of this contributes towards a lot of ideas for novel events. The creative team gets a lot of room for the types of decorations that can be incorporated into the theme.

Zodiac 2017 Events
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Furthermore, every festival at RGIT is eco-friendly. A lot of emphasis is laid on using renewable materials to decorate both the college and the ground so as to make the festival as ecologically sustainable as possible. This festival organised primarily by The Student Council of RGIT along with other college committees such as IEEE, IETE, MESA, ISA, CSI, ASME has a large number of students not only participating in the events but also engaged in event management, marketing and logistics work for the fest.

A wide range of techno-cultural events are organised for the three-day span of Zodiac. This year, the events include The Amazing Race, Big Band Theory, Now You See Me, Strictly Come Debating, Subfloor Surfer, Poster Making, Zodies, Spook me, street dance, street play, nail art, pimp it up, glow cricket, colour me blind, RGIT’s got talent, word marathon and Face Mash to name a few. The festival is becoming a gaming hub, LAN gaming, Mini Militia, FIFA etc. sees gamers from all around Mumbai participate.

Zodiac Rajeev Gandhi Fest
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Furthermore, intra-departmental dance and drama competitions along with intra sports have always been an integral part of Zodiac along with contingent parades. Students performing on rock songs, singing their hearts out in pop stars and showing every bit of their acting talent in mono acting make up the quintessential Zodiac atmosphere. Along with the thrill throughout the day, Zodiac nights are no less. With rock concerts to EDM nights, you sure won’t be allowed to go home early during Zodiac. There is also a traditional night wherein students come up with the best of traditional wear they can and dance it out to the amazing tunes. Along with students, professors are no less active. A Teacher’s Premier League is carried out in the lush green lawns of RGIT with professors showing their cricketing skills.

This three-day extravagance of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology on the 29th, 30th and 31st of March is a treat and delight you don’t want to miss. With no other place in Mumbai as happening as RGIT during these three days, be ready to prepare yourself for the fun-filled fiesta.

For more details about events and the fest, contact:-

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