Why relationships don’t work today?

Well mostly in today’s time, a relationship starts with a “HELLO!” on Facebook & ends with a “GOODBYE” on WhatsApp. Most of us believe that the reason behind an unsuccessful relationship is of social media. Maybe it is one of the reasons but definitely not the only reason.

So what exactly are the reasons? Well, according to me, the reasons why a relationship doesn’t work today is-

1.Lack of patience

Our generation is way too impatient. Gone are the days of the ‘old school love’ where people used to do every possible thing just to see their loved ones. Nowadays, they just want to rush into things.

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2.Relationship just for a sake of it

People these days get into a relationship just because they don’t want other people to consider them as ‘incapable’ of finding themselves a girlfriend/boyfriend. So they find themselves one and are with them just for the sake of it.


3.Things have become too casual

Our generation has a problem of taking everything very casually. We actually live in the world of “Tu nahi to koi aur sahi, koi aur nahi to koi aur sahi”. Most people just look out for physical relationships and not the real ones. It has become really difficult to find a person who is actually into you.


4.Fear of Commitment

I really have no idea why the hell is our generation so afraid of commitments! Why do they think that life will become boring if you decide to spend it with one person? Wasn’t this supposed to be a magical experience somewhere down the line?



People don’t know how to trust someone. They are always insecure about their partners wondering what they are doing, where they are, whom they are talking to, etc. These are the things that just push a relationship towards an end.



I really don’t understand what fun it is or how does it feel good to make your partner jealous! I mean there is no way on this earth that someone will start loving you more if you make them jealous. Instead, it will push them away from you.


7.Lack of Time

Today, everyone wants to do everything at the same time and this leads to unsuccessfulness in everything they do. The relationship is something where you need to give each other time; time to talk; time to know each other more. But people are way too busy with their own lives. Please don’t be in a relationship if you are not ready to give each other time.


All these are just a few reasons why people fail to make their relationships successful today. Guys and girls, please make sure how much you are ready to sacrifice for your relationship. And if you are not ready for any sacrifices, please don’t get into relationships at it will just waste your and the other person’s time and both will end up with some heartaches, somewhere inside.

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