Why Is Elvish Yadav Trending?

Elvish Yadav is an Indian YouTuber, social media influencer, and tik to star with a huge fan following. He makes comedy videos and roasts and uploads vlogs to his channel regularly.

Yadav has recently been in the news for his disagreements with another YouTuber, Dhruv Rathee. Rather posts videos ‘critical’ of the Modi government and has often been accused of spreading propaganda that is against the government.

Why Is Elvish Yadav Trending?

On June 18, 2021, Elvish Yadav posted a video exposing a fellow YouTuber, Dhruv Rathee, for his critical views on the Indian government and often factually incorrect opinions. Elvish Yadav took snippets from Dhruv’s videos and shared his thought on them while criticizing Rathee for manipulating the opinions of his viewers. The squabble between the YouTubers naturally gained the attention of their viewers, who then started picking sides.

The platform of their dispute, YouTube, has now gone ahead to ban Elvish Yadav’s channel from their platform. YouTube has been criticized for its hypocritic policies time and again, and this was no different. Nationalist channels and videos are often blocked from the platform, and Elvish Yadav’s video being blocked was taken as a case of the same.

After Elvish’s channel was blocked, a Twitter movement called #ElvishWillRise started trending as he garnered a lot of support for his views. People have often brought YouTube under fire for being unjust to nationalistic content and promoting left-leaning ideologies.

Elvish Yadav recently tweeted saying that his video on Dhruv Rathee got demonetized, and the channel was mass reported to be banned. This started a chain of support and reactions that poured in for Elvish and his current situation. People have also raised questions on the “Freedom of Speech” on social media and have questioned YouTube’s motives for allowing Anti-Indian and Anti-National content to proliferate on their channel without any repercussions.

Support for Elvish has been pouring in on Twitter in the form of the hashtag, “Elvish will rise”. Several tweets have emerged criticizing Dhruv Rathee for his opinions and YouTube for their actions against Yadav’s channel. The others are in support of Elvish, his ideas, and the injustice that he has faced for expressing his opinions.

Dhruv Rathee, on the other hand, is trending for the wrong reasons. People supporting Yadav are using “#DhruvRathee” to mock and question the YouTuber for his unjustified opinions. They are also challenging him to respond to the points made by Yadav in his video.

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