Why #Modi_Rojgar_Do Is Still Trending?

In these virtual times, social media was the field chosen to lay forward demands. Unemployment, a grappling issue of the times since the last few years, has been taking a toll on public welfare.

Agitated by the situation, many decided to voice themselves. Twitter users may be familiar with the hashtag #modi_rojgar_do trending all over the platform.

But why the chaos? Where did it start?

Superficially, the matter focuses on unemployment among the civilians; specifically, those who appeared for the Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Examination conducted by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC).

The roots of the uprising, however, lay in the release of results by the SSC. On the 19th of February 2021, with the results announced, an uprising of students protested virtually on Twitter by trending the hashtag #modi_rojgar_do.

Reasons for the turmoil involved in the 2018 CGL result incomplete to date, the void of a waiting list for those who scored the bare minimum and even the Government raising the cut-off by 100 marks. Moreover, the three phases of the exam had varying levels of difficulty, giving an unfair disadvantage to few.

Unqualified Tier II students wouldn’t be acceptable to try in Tier III, limiting the expectancy of jobs among the candidates and giving rise to unemployment. Transparency in job selection is the demand of the audience. Candidates and unemployed youth have associated this with the Modi Government’s inability to keep up with its promises.

Rumour has it that the actual protest would commence on the 25th of February, with the campaign shifting to an oblivious higher paradigm.

Facts of the matter: What to believe and what not!

Many politicians tried defending the decrease in employment to the COVID-19 situation but, statistics say otherwise. Employment rates are dropping year by year since 2016-17. It is a matter of perception: the number of employed people is always more than the ones unemployed but; when looked at through the lens of reality, it stagnates with yearly progression and is a matter of importance.

According to the CMIE, 407.3 million were employed in the year 2016-17. 405.9 million in 2017-18 and 400.9 million from 2018-2019. At the same time, 35 million were unemployed, arithmetically progressing by every 10 million annually.

Privatisation of Railways and many other Governmental holdings led to a loss of jobs for civilians. Demonetization and the implication of GST further seasoned the main course of suffering.

What does the public want?

The majority audience equates this to the failure of Modinomics. Abhinav, a Mathematics teacher, made a video raising concerns about unemployment and selection in SSC and Railways. He states how emotionally taxing it is for students who didn’t get selected even with a score as high as 200. He established the usage of the hashtag #modi_rojgar_do, stirring enormous amounts of responses and shares.

The probable solution for the alleged participants of the protest is the video reaching Narendra Modi. They want him to understand the gravity of the situation and act on his set of commitments.

Let the political games begin!

Members of Congress contributed to the criticism that Modi received following the resistance by trending the hashtag worldwide.

Pouncing upon the opportunity, Rahul Gandhi made sure he tweeted the hashtag to convince his supporters of his stance.

Last year, around the 9th of August, Congress Youth had urged the Modi Government to increase employment opportunities seized by the privatisation of Government entities like Railways. Unwanted effects from Demonetization and the implication of GST also negatively impacted the matter.

These were the underlying causes that filled the jar of the public’s frustration. Congress, through these setbacks by Modi, has been trying to seek the public’s attention.

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