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Why Does Selective ‘Civil Society’ Oppose BJP’s Ideology And Politics?

India, as we know now, is not more than 73 years old and before that, we were salves of British. Even ere that we India was merely more than a hundred kingdoms sharing the same diverse population. The very concept of the nation-state is not yet 300 years old. However, in India’s case, it is solely more than 100 years old that, also due to the rise of nationalist movements in the late 19th century. The nation was built when people were sharing the same history, religion, race, language, culture and other aspects came unitedly under an agreement. India that we know now was built solely based on the idea of the shared colonial history.

The Britishers killing us and calling us nasty bugs without giving respect to our religions, castes, language and other characters made us stand against this oppression. If we provide a reality check, even Pakistan was formed the based idea of the same religion. While we build based on the concept of Hindu Rashtra, Pakistan is make based on the Muslim nation.

India, as per the Preamble of the Constitution is– Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic country with a parliamentary system of government. Something which is engraved in our heart. For such a nation, the kind of politics that is required is something that will —

  1. Ensure Justice to all
  2. Social and Political Liberty
  3. Equality of Status and Opportunity
  4. Fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual
  5. Unity and integrity of the nation.

Staring from our freedom fighter like Azad Hind Fauz to Socialist Revolutionaries of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association(HSRA) like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Chandrashekhar Azad wanted South Asians people to unite and rise against British oppression. This was the promises stated while creating our nation India. Even the several other INC leaders of that era like the trio of Lal-Bal-Pal came up with the same mentality.

Coming to What is Indian civil society? Where does it originate? We developed the attitude of summoning specific left-oriented writers and columnist as ‘civil society’. These people do not actually represent the people of India, and their ideas are also stubborn. India has undergone a lot because of these so-called civil society people. The communist ideology profoundly influenced them, and this has kept India poor for the last 73 years. These people guided Indira Gandhi, and therefore India was propelled into poverty for five long decades.

Since Independence, every ruling party failed to achieve the very promise based on which India was formed. For most of them, this was the very challenging concept over why India was built. Basically, for the past years, we have been trying out as each party to know who will succeed in fulfilling those gone long promises. It is high time we cut off from Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi’s economic philosophies and send a farewell to the ideas and advice of the so-called civil society people.

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