Have You Visited These Places In ‘GULABI NAGRI’?

Jaipur is the largest city of the largest state of the country, i.e. Rajasthan. It is the capital city which is also known as ‘GULABI NAGRI’ or Pink City.

History of Pink city/ GULABI NAGRI

Once the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria visited Jaipur– to welcome them with warmth and love, Maharaja Ram Singh inked the city in pink which is believed to be the colour of love and brings out the warm hospitality. Even when growth and development progress, this city still has its roots embedded deep in its culture and traditions. Thus it is a perfect combination which can give anyone the twinge of modernization and royalty together.

There are some must go to places which should not be missed out while visiting Jaipur. Let’s put some light on the.


Have you visited these places In GULABI NAGRI?
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This fort is present on Aravalli hills, which was built as a defensive boundary circumferencing the city. It was initially named as ‘Sudarshangarh’, but later on, it got changed to Nahargarh. View of the entire city from here is very tempting and gives a lively and peaceful feeling to busy and restless lives of people nowadays.

Watching the sunset from here is believed to be one of the most beautiful moment that once can live here. ‘Sheesh Mahal’ or Palace of the Mirror on Nahargarh is made up of thousands of mirror and is so beautiful that even Bollywood movies have not missed out on capturing its beauty.


Have you visited these places In GULABI NAGRI?
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This palace is still home to the royal family, but some part of it is open to the public for the sake of enjoying and living history. One part of this palace which is known as Mubarak Mahal, has the display of clothes and instruments used by kings and queens.

Watching some of those clothes can make one dubious about the fact of how heavy and large dresses were carried by kings and queens.

One of the attire of Maharaja Sawai Madhopur Singh I is 3.9 ft wide as he was of 250 kg! This palace is structured in such a manner that it gives the fundamental essence of the cultures of Mughals, Rajputs and British.


Have you visited these places In GULABI NAGRI?
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JAL MAHAL or Water Palace is situated in the middle of the Sagar lake. One can imagine how beautiful it would be to witness a historical palace with fantastic architecture in the middle of a lake.

Maharaja Madho Singh I made it for enjoyment and parties. Visitors can see only one of its floor, but it would shock them to know that there are four submerged floors as well!


Have you visited these places In GULABI NAGRI?
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Maharaja Pratap Singh built Hawa Mahal or Palace of Breeze or Palace of Wind. It has five floors and 953 small windows, also known as ‘JHAROKA’, which facilitates the ventilation process and is believed to be a charming place during the high temperature of summers.

Its architectural design gives the feeling of a beehive. It is attached to the women’s chamber, and the prime purpose of its origin was to facilitate women to view and enjoy the outside world. During the early era, women were not allowed to come in the open in front of anyone due to the religious following of ‘purdah’ system.

It would definitely be a thoughtful and surprising moment for anyone to witness this palace and the reason behind its specific architecture.


Have you visited these places In GULABI NAGRI?
Source: Wikimedia

Maharaja Ram Singh made Albert Hall ensure that prince Albert of England visits the city, as his visit could help in strengthening the ties with the British powers. A British architecture designed it in Indo-Saracenic style.

It is a treasure of historical information, as it has coins from different periods of history, metal sculptures, carpets, jewellery used by kings and queens, weapons used by the king and its army. The centre of attraction of this museum is an Egyptian mummy.

These are just a few places from the many must-visit places of ‘GULABI NAGRI’. Visiting them brings out a sense of being a part of those historical moments in which they were created. Next time when you make a travel list make sure give these place a visit.

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