Why Do Men And Women See The World Differently?

We are living in a world where everyone has a unique perspective towards everything around them. There is no doubt on this that men and women see the world differently. Men are more sensitive towards the small details and moving objects, whereas women are conscious towards changing of colours. Not only this but also the men and the women are raised differently, developing their thoughts sequentially.

There are many examples to observe that men and women think differently, such as; when on the first date, the men don’t want women to think that he is weird. While on the other hand, women don’t want men to think that she is not pretty enough or healthy.

This can be due to their previous experiences or self-doubts they have or the need for making a good impression on the other person. However, most of the women are always conscious of what he is going to think about her. On the other hand, for men, it doesn’t matter after a while.

In a new job where men are appreciated for working hard and doing an excellent task, the women are recognised based on what she looks like giving no recognition to the hard work she has put on while doing her job. Typically, in a job, people expect a man to be their boss over a woman. The level of difference women faces from men results in the way they look at society.

If we consider the style, society expects the men to look cool and not so dressed up except on special occasions. They can wear anything they want to. On the other hand, the women are always expected to look good and wear things that they are expected to wear from a society not even of her personal choice.

Family is where everyone thinks that it’s reasonable to be yourself and set yourself free. However, I don’t think it is soo. In a family as well the members ask men how is the work going on? What is he planning to do in future- career-wise?. Whereas the women are always asked about how the household work is going on? When is she planning to start a family? and so on. As if this is what she has been raised for, and it is her responsibility to follow.

While travelling, it is ok and acceptable for men to stare at her, whereas it’s disturbing for women to think what is she going to do. Millions of thoughts run inside her brain regarding her safety. The men have created a very dominant role for themselves, like whatever they want they can do. However, it doesn’t go for women; she has to consider everything and then take a step.

Although now the world is changing, it has not changed a lot, but it is progressing its way out for a better future where both men and women are expected to be emotional, hardworking and are being accepted for whosoever they are. Being a household husband is normal, same as to be a household wife. Although there will be still much difference regarding their outlook towards the world because each individual thinks differently. However, there would be more understanding, compatibility and respect for each other.

Yashika Mehra

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