Why did Ramachandra Guha Resign from BCCI Board?

New Delhi: An acclaimed historian Ramachandra Guha, who was appointed as one of the four administrators of the board of control for cricket in India (BCCI) by the supreme court of India to implement the Lodha panel recommendation, resigned abruptly.

According to reports, a vacation bench of justices M.M. Shantanagoudar and Deepak Gupta was informed by the Guha’s counsel that he has tendered his resignation on May 28 to Vinod Rai, chairman of the committee of administration of the BCCI. The supreme court will hear the Guha’s plea on July 14. Ramachandra Guha stated ‘personal issues’ for such instantaneous footstep.

Advocate Rakesh Sinha, the man who mentioned the case before the bench, said he had filed the petition to inform the court about Guha’s decision to resign. Sinha proclaimed the main matter would be coming up for hearing in July.

In a letter of 2500 words submitted by Ramachandra Guha, he expressed his agitation against the player power that has had a disproportionate influence on the official matter, which can result in coach Anil Kumble not getting an extension despite a stellar winning record in test series in a row. Some of the major points of divergence enlist by Ramachandra seeks flaws inside working of BCCI.

According to Guha’s letter, the BCCI has granted preferential treatment to some national coaches, by giving them ten-month contracts for national duty, thus allowing them to work as IPL coaches/mentors. This sort of action questions the integrity of board members. The BCCI has contracted commentators to act as a player agent. He put forward the example of Sunil Gavaskar, who is head of a company which represents Indian cricketers while commenting on those cricketers as part of the BCCI TV commentary panel. This is a clear conflict of interest. Ramachandra on record condemns such ‘superstar’ culture. According to him, despite several warnings, no actions were taken in this case.

Ramachandra explained how the ‘superstar’ syndrome has distorted the system of Indian team contracts. The gave the example of former India skipper M.S Dhoni, who has been awarded grade ‘A’ contract, despite the fact that he already ruled himself out of Test cricket.

Guha questioned the integrity and honesty of the BCCI while making vital decisions. He explained how despite Kumble excellent record, the committee decided to lay him off. In a system based on justice and merit, the Head Coach’s term would have been extended. Instead, Kumble was left hanging, and then told the post would be re-advertised afresh.

Ramachandra enlightens the hidden afflict in Indian cricket and its administration. He explained how IPL were given more significance over domestic cricket (Ranji cricket). Guha lashed out on BCCI saying that, there are still many players whom livelihood depends on domestic cricket. And yet, shockingly, Ranji match fees have remained at a very low-level.

Ramachandra reveals the lack of attention to atrocious issues is due to the absence of a senior and respected male cricketer in the committee. Guha, before concluding his letter, solicited to look into the matter gravely. He said, “I have taken too much of your time already, but permit me to make one last suggestion. This is that the place vacated by me on the Committee of Administrators be filled by a senior, respected, male cricketer with administrative experience.”

A CoA (Committee of Administrators) member said, “No, I had no clue about his resignation as he never told me anything about it. I only came to know about that from media.”

The board confronts Guha by saying that he was not particularly happy about the speculations surrounded by the Kumble. According to sources, Kumble’s future has become a matter of conjecture because there has been a rift between him and Indian captain Virat Kohli.

There is no denying that something fishy is happening inside the board rooms of BCCI and this is the matter of serious concern, undoubtedly.

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