Rajasthan Is Having A Village Named After Donald Trump!!!

The world is so dynamic and uncertain. Weird things happen every day, every second! Many events have shaken the world, such as 9/11, the refugee crisis, and in recent times, the selection of Donald Trump as America’s president! And guess what? India is responding equally to it!

Didn’t understand what I am saying? From having sky-scraping buildings, golf courses, hotels in the name of Trump, the newest addition to properties list under the Trump banner will leave you stunned and curious. Well, US President Donald Trump now has a village named after him in the state of Rajasthan. Yes. RAJASTHAN IS HAVING A VILLAGE NAMED AFTER DONALD TRUMP! How surprising this news is! According to a top sociologist and social worker, a village in Rajasthan’s Mewat region will bear Trump’s name. Sulabh International founder Bindeshwar Pathak announced on Tuesday, 13th June that a village will be named after the US president. The main reason to do this is to give a fillip to India-US relationship.

Bindeshwar Pathak wants the Indian-American community to help realise the goal of sanitation and cleanliness in India while giving a presentation to the local leaders about his forays into affordable toilets. Ed Gillespie, the Republican leader from Virginia, who, according to reports, took interest in Sulabh International’s technology, put light on the crucial and important role played by the Indian-American community in the US, saying that the US has a very strong and binding relationship with India. However, the Rajasthan government officials have said that there is no such proposal with the government to rename any village after the name of the US president. Pathank’s announcement surprisingly coincides with the scheduled meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump in Washington on June 26. Mewat falls under the Alwar district and the Alwar District Collector Rajan Vishal also said that there was no such proposal. Giving a presentation to the local community and political leaders in the US, Pathak said that he is working to provide affordable sanitation and toilets to the masses and end the practice of manual scavenging. In his address, he urged the Indian-American community to help realise the goal of sanitation and cleanliness in India. As far as strengthening US-India ties is concerned, it is hard to comprehend if a village named after the US president Donald Trump can alter his stance towards Indians.

All in all, this is a future-centric strategic and economic move aimed at ensuring positive moves which are mutually beneficial for both countries. Only the future will tell if this is a good move or not!

Prashant Rao

I am a student pursuing by bachelors in commerce (honors), along with my diploma in liberal arts. I am interested in economics, banking, philosophy, music, reading, writing, and drawing and am a movie buff. I am a keen MUNer and I want to make the world a better place to live in.

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