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Who Are We Fighting A War Against?

For BJP there couldn’t have been a worse start than the one they received in 2018. It’s only been 1 month and 8 days and we have already experienced an array of events so disappointing that it is beyond imagination. 2018 started off with the Bhima Koregaon incident, followed by the Supreme Court judges’ press conference, the Padmaavat debacle, Kasganj violence. 3 riots driven by communal intentions in just one month and 3 events showing the grave threat that our Constitutional values and principles face.

None of us has a problem while we point out that the ruling party in our country is one with ‘traditional’ or orthodox thinking. Their policies have clearly reflected that in the years that they have been incumbent. A big example, in my opinion, has been the ban on cow slaughter or rather the way it was implemented. It is to be noted that cow slaughter was banned in many states already before the BJP came into power. The cow slaughter in itself isn’t as big a worry as the implementation and the resurgence of the Gaurakshaks has been.

The Gaurakshaks, a self-appointed group of vigilantes have wreaked havoc while dealing with ‘irregularities’ in cow dealings. The lynching reports related to the concerned matter make for a very depressing read. What is even more worrying is the fact that the Government hasn’t cracked the operations down as it should have. Call it vote bank politics or whatever that you may deem appropriate, but the Indian government has disappointed Indians and concerned citizens like me. But, I am not as disappointed in the Indian government as much as I am in my fellow citizens. Whenever I see any event or news related to communal riots, my instincts, like plenty others’, is not to completely blame the government for it.

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To elaborate further, I like the proportionate the blame in the ratio of 60-40. 60% of the blame lies with the government for not stopping or controlling the goons participating in the riots, and the 40%, which is the biggest part lies on the people of India. The ABC Classification used in Accounting best helps explain my cause. Under this method, the lowest amount is allocated to those commodities which are least in quantity, but its quality makes the quantity of the higher numbered ones, less important. Similarly, the thinking and the perspectives of the people have to carry 40% of the blame which has the capacity to nullify the 60% blame on the Government.

George Carlin, an excellent stand-up comedian once said, “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”. I believe that to an extent, the Britishers personified this saying and implemented it oh so well back when they were ruling India. And our dear politicians have followed their masters and taken up to the strategy of ‘divide and rule’ extremely well.

When a bunch of ignorant goons set out with swords and stones to hurt people just on the basis of their color, caste or religion it very much is the problem that you would associate with the thinking and perception of people of a country. A child wouldn’t dare copy in an examination if the parent explains the moral problems related to copying. The conscience of the child would ensure that the child never copies again. Now if the same child isn’t taught the moral aspect of not cheating and simply beaten up every time he is caught copying, the cheatings will stop, but only for a while and only out of the fear of the beatings that he might get if the incident is repeated. The same is with riots. It is agreed that it is the Government’s responsibility to crack down on such events but the probability of these events happening would be extremely minimal if the thought process changes.

Rs 2,95,511.41 crore is allocated to be spent on defense as per the budget. About 276 million in India live below the poverty line, maybe even more. In the practical world, it is completely understandable why such mammoth amounts are allocated to defense. The worrying aspect is that the human thinking and behavior has the capacity to be so wicked and demonic, that countries are having to prioritize buying weapons and armories over providing a slice of bread and a glass of water a day to people who can’t afford them.

The purpose of learning history is being defied day in day out. The real war isn’t with the Pakistanis. They face a similar war to the Indians, in fact. Our cultures and traditions and their improper interpretations are our biggest enemies. The basic lack of conscience and the overriding egos is what is destroying us, not our Government.

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