When Kapil Sharma gave a “babaji ka thulu to CNWK

The kis kisko pyaar karo hero Kapil a comedian-actor, who has been on TV for almost a decade now had a tiff with the channel and later fell out of the media production.

Why do you think Kapil Sharma’s show on Colors?

Here is to every why in your mind!

“There is no ill will, no hard feelings. They are professional people, they have to keep their channel functioning. It is fine as till the time we were working with them, we worked…but now we are working with another channel,” Kapil told IANS in a group interview.

Eventually, no controversy happened because most of them thought the show “Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma” closed because of the launch of the new show “Comedy Nights Bachao”. This was also cited as an ego clash between the network and Kapil.

The comedian broke the silence and claimed that the new show was breaching the rights and style of his own show. He called it the end and fell out with CNWK. A coin has two sides to it, so does this situation.

“Kapil and Colors have been facing issues for quite some time now. Kapil was demanding an exorbitant amount that the channel was not okay paying up. This led to major differences between the two and they decided to part ways. The channel now does not want to dedicate any show in the name of one person and yet keep the ‘Comedy Nights’ brand alive,” a source told Bollywood Life (as quoted in IndiaToday)

What does CEO of Colors Raj Nayak have to say?

Colors CEO Raj Nayak has claimed Kapil Sharma’s high-handed attitude, a breach of contract and the demand for repeated hikes in remuneration, forced the channel to take a tough decision, taken from a report from

Raj also quoted that Kapil had breached the contract by hosting other shows and awards subsequently also demanding remuneration, he asked for more money and this was the cause for the fallout.

Eventually where there’s will there’s way. Seemingly and convincingly this proverb has worked out for Kapil. He launched his new show on SonyTv on 23 April and to counteract and defeat him Colors launched a new show replacing his show “Comedy Nights Live”

This longstanding fight with colors is not just with Kapil but with a lot of actors as well. Before Kapil, it was Sunil Grover who also had a fallout with CNWK. Also, the fallouts between the celebs and CNWK seems like the comedy shows are going to be slapstick and boring.

The new show is promising and a lot better compared to the older one. With an episode, the show seems to give a very good impression and hope. Hoping to see Kapil at greater heights in the future.

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