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Source: Whatsapp

Last week, WhatsApp, the widely used instant messaging service app, announced its business app in the UK, the United States, and Italy among others. While surprisingly left out initially, the app is now available to download for Android users in India. If you own a business and want to communicate with your prospective customers in an effective way, having WhatsApp Business app makes total sense, and it is free to download and use.

Well, this app is a separate service with a different target audience, you will have to use an alternate mobile number different to the number you use as your regular WhatsApp. But not having an alternate number also won’t be an issue, you can still continue using your existing number, just the personal profile along with the contacts will get transferred to your business profile. Also, your group history along with the chats will be transferred too. This app has extravagant features as compared to the normal WhatsApp like ‘Business Profiles’ which will help customers get additional information such as email or the website, ‘Messaging Tools’ which will help owners reply quickly to the customer queries, ‘Messaging Statistics’ which will provide business owners to know the number of messages read , ‘WhatsApp Web’ which will allow owners to send or receive messages through their desktops and ‘Account Type’ which will help business owners list themselves as businesses after installing the app to ensure that the customers contacting them will know that they are business owners . This app has been basically designed to help businesses communicate more effectively and efficiently with their customers and also the businesses can have their own profiles.

The registration process is somewhat easy, after you download the app from the Play Store, open the app and go through the initial setup process. To begin with, enter and verify your phone number via an OTP and then enter your business name or company name, which once entered cannot be changed. You will be taken to the home page then right after the previous step. The home page looks equally similar to the regular app having the three tabs which are chats, status, and calls. On the top right, you have the three-dot menu button, whereas at the bottom, you have the icon to start a chat.

The customers who continue to use WhatsApp won’t face any changes in their account nor will need to download anything new. Users will enjoy using the same features as they were using them earlier and will be able to fully control the messages as well ass block any number including the messages from business accounts.