What’s your wish?

Growing up taught life eventually gets hard, people change, people leave and unexpected bad things happen.But what childhood taught me is that no matter what comes in between, It’s always gonna be a HAPPY ENDING……. DEEPANJALI

What’s your wish?

To the ones you gave your heart to,

the ones that made you smile in the crowds.

Those little things in your closet back,

for whom you have hope, it’s the courage you lack.

The answers to those questions you always lie about,

that you dream of but never say out loud.

Those things that keeps you alive,

but kills you a little on every lonely night.

Those happy spaces of your messy minds,

different for everyone but of the same kind.

How safely do you keep it hidden?

No one gets in, going out is too forbidden.

Those little wishes in the corner of your heart,

the perfect endings for your happy start.

The only thing that gives hope to you,

I too wish honey it does come true……

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