Westernisation And India

With the advancement in technology, communication has become more manageable. It is just a matter of a few seconds to connect with someone thousands of miles away. Advanced technology and fast communication are the key factors that have contributed to the process of westernisation in India. In the era of globalisation, different nations are now sharing their space among themselves on the economic, traditional and cultural platform.

When it comes to culture and traditions, India has set an example with regards to the pace with which it has welcomed the change. Let’s see some of the various aspects of our changing culture.


The foreign culture has a considerable influence on the dressing style of Indians. There was a time when people were found in sarees, dhotis and lehengas. Now every second individual is found in western clothes like jeans, trousers, gowns, and the list goes on.

Today’s generation opt for clothes which gives them comfort and style, and western clothes have succeeded in providing both. Wearing traditional clothes is very rare nowadays, but people still enjoy wearing them whenever they get a chance.


India is wealthy when we are talking about multi-cuisine we serve. People outside India admire and enjoy eating Indian food just like the way Indians enjoy eating Italian, Chinese, Continental, Mexican food.

Import and export of various spices, fruits, vegetables, beverages and more not only helps a nation in the economic platform, but it also connects people and nations across the globe. The point to be noted here is every country has its individuality and uniqueness in terms of food.


India is a multilingual country, wherein hundreds of languages prevail; which are spoken by people from different parts of the country. It has 22 official languages.

Despite its indigenous languages, our country is dominated by languages from across the globe. In spite of having so many languages, Indians have succeeded in living together and have proved the fact that language is not a barrier to unity.


India is known for its colourful and enthusiastic festivals like Holi, Diwali, Pongal, Raksha Bandhan and more. The rituals and traditions behind these festivals are known worldwide. Whether it is the colours of Holi or lights of Diwali, people all around the globe not only find them fascinating and entertaining but also celebrate them.

Indians love to find happiness and enthusiasm in celebrating various festivals of different countries like Christmas, Halloween and more.

Pros and Cons

Everything and every aspect have pros and cons. Westernisation has contributed to the process of globalisation by breaking the barriers among different nations. It has provided a common platform to all the people, where they can adopt any traditions or culture.

Despite having many advantages of westernisation, it has some disadvantages as well. Somewhere in the process of accepting other culture, we are losing our roots and our originality. Our uniqueness is fading away in the storm of westernisation.

Let us not forget about our culture in the process of imitating others. Moving along with the change is okay. But losing our own identity in the process is not acceptable.


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