Source: Financial Tribune

The czar of the North London team Arsenal FC Arsene Wenger could finally be shown the door, as per multiple reports. The Frenchman, who led the team to 3 Premier League titles and gave the world the ‘Invincibles’, might be about to be ousted out of the team at the end of the season.

Things have been going pretty downhill for Arsene in the past few seasons as his failure to compose his team as a title contender has not gotten down well with the fans. Be it the banners citing ‘WENGER OUT’ or the expletive rants on the popular YouTube channel Arsenal Fan TV, the fans have made their opinions well known. It is not just him the fans are against, but there is an active hate against the board members of the team who, according to pundits and the Arsenal faithful, haven’t had the courage to sack Arsene or spend the high amount in the transfer windows to improve the squad.

Despite the pitiful results, Arsenal under Arsene had managed to put up some spectacular football which was really pleasing to the watcher’s eyes, unless of course, you were a Spurs fan! But his team’s brand of trademark crisp passing and offensive football has faded over the years and on the trophies front, their fight has been dire. The mauling they received from a rampant Manchester City on Sunday in the Carabao EFL Cup final at Wembley where they lost 3-0 has been described as disgraceful and spineless. This result especially has been seen as the reason why the board members consider sacking the man who has been in charge of the club since 1996-97.

Wenger was only rewarded with a 2-year contract extension at the beginning of this season, where the team had dropped out from the Champions League for the first time in many years. The odds on him being sacked have now been slashed post his Cup loss. Many names have come up in the list of managers who would replace the iconic Frenchman. The list includes former Liverpool and current Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers, German National coach Joachim Low, and even ex-Arsenal skipper and current assistant coach of Manchester City Mikel Arteta. Pundits and experts report that the club is looking for a young dynamic coach who could probably build a dynasty of sorts at the North London club.

What remains to be seen is whether Wenger could really be sacked and if he is, who will be the one to replace the club’s most successful manager of all time.

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