Vodafone on Moon 2018
Source: Wand TV

Vodafone announced on February 27th, that they are planning on establishing a mobile network on the Moon in 2019. This is a collaboration with PTScientists, formerly known as Part-Time Scientists, based in Berlin, Germany. The plan is to create a 4G network on the Moon to transmit HD video feed and images of the Moon’s surface to the Earth. Vodafone is also roping in Nokia as its technology partner in carrying out this mission. Nokia’s press release states that ‘4G network is highly energy efficient compared to analog radio’. This means that, when this team succeeds, it would be the first-ever privately funded moon landing mission.

I’m sure most of you must be thinking – ‘4g network on the moon?! I don’t seem to have signal while traveling from Bengaluru to Chennai, how are they going to get signal on the damn moon?’ It’s quite a common notion that network in India is really not up to the mark. Although, Vodafone claims to have the network all over the country, including the deeper parts of the Western Ghats. What is difficult to connect to in a metro like Mumbai or Bangalore, will apparently transmit HD live stream from the moon. While gully waali aunty is shouting on top of her voice ‘Beta can you hear me?!’, PTScientists in Berlin will be video chatting with the Moon.

Statement from the Founder and CEO of PTScientists, Robert Bohme, declares that the project will last only for 11 days because of the massive change in temperature on the moon. I’m surprised, considering the fact that my network disconnects completely even if there is normal and expected rainfall. Even on the best days, it’s hard to have a connection on a college campus. Many of my friends think its jammers but who are we kidding, right?

Source: Tumblr

In other space invasions related news, Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster was shot into the vacuum on February 6. The driver, Starman, was sent along the car. Both missions are operated under SpaceX. Coincidence? I think not! Time to expect some Instagram Live from the Moon. Below average jokes aside (high key expecting AIB to come up with quality memes), this is a huge deal for all of us. Not only will the video quality from the moon be ten times better, it will also be pathbreaking for Space exploration. We can expect a lot of answers for questions – ranging from ‘Aliens hain kya re Moon pe?’ to ‘Does the Moon actually have water or is it a fluke?’.

It’s amazing to see how services provided in ‘third world’ countries are faulty because of the ‘economic conditions’ of such countries. However, the same services are predicted to work much more efficiently on the uninhabited (as far as we know) moon. Suffice to say that independent scientists are out to accomplish a lot. It’s bound to be highly educative and informative no doubt, but at the cost of what? Yes, one small step for a man is one giant leap for mankind but resulting in live streaming and boomerangs of many leaps on the Moon via Instagram. Can’t wait to slide into your DMs, Moon.

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