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“We want to stay away from labels and not put in a box”- Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

Veerey Di wedding, a female buddy comedy flick, released on the 1st of this month. Therefore, the amazing star cast, the four leads Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Swara Bhaskar and Shikha Talsania were witnessed in the Capital for the promotions of their film. Even before the release, the producers have managed to create enough buzz around the film with #Imnotachickflick and chartbusters like Tareefan. When we got into an open conversation, the cast ended up talking about the minute details of the film, the stand on the chick flick and trolls.

Is the concept of the film is revolutionized in its own way?

Sonam: The fact that 4 mainstream actress are coming together in a film is the empowering thing. It’s the story of a regular woman. The roles could have been played by men as well. This is a very entertaining film. Every single person will be able to relate themselves with any of the characters in the film.

Kareena: The mother instinct in me is calm but the actress instinct in me is excited. I am ready to wait and see what reactions my fans will give after this movie. The concept of the film is one of a kind. So I’m very positive.

Veere Di Wedding 2018 Movie
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Why the film has been tagged “Not a chick flick”? (We have Mean Girls, Miss Congeniality, The Holiday and they are not derogated).

Sonam: There’s nothing wrong with being a chick flick. Chick flick is a label that put all women into one section. The problem is we don’t have genres when women are concerned but when men are concerned there’s action, comedy, drama. But when the film casts only women it is automatically chick flick. But it can be either rom-com or romantic or drama. So that’s why we want to stay away from labels. We don’t want to be put in a box.

Your views on women empowerment and can we relate this film to this?

Shikha: women empowerment is equality, freedom and be you.

Sonam: I have written essays on feminism. People misunderstood the term lately. It’s not male bashing. It’s for the oppressed women in the society. It’s like having equal opportunity and choice than any other men and women have. The film is exactly about this thing that women can do those things what men can do in a very entertaining way. It’s celebrating four people who just happened to be women.

Kareena: it is about what women want to do. Whether being a wife or a mother. Being mother is also very powerful. Staying at home, cooking is also empowered but as long as it is your choice. My mother sacrificed her film career and raised two girls. For me, that’s empowerment. It doesn’t mean that you have to go out, do a job. You can do opt for anything as per your choice.

Swara: Empowerment is about choice as long as there’s opportunity. The reality is very different in India. You know what’s liberating about the film that the film is about four girls who are not getting raped, molested, no social injustice and I’m not saying it in a derogatory way. I am proud of those films but then Veere di wedding is liberating in another form.

Veere Di Wedding 2018 Movie
Source: NewsAurChai Media

And when trolls are shifting from humor to bullying…

Swara: Social media is a virtual public space. When I see the bullying on the internet, I feel that it is not proper decorum to do that. There should certain decency on a public forum. We know that sometimes these trolls are paid one. So when I see people are getting trolled in a wrong way, I stand up for them and they also do the same for me. It feels good.

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