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FATHER’S DAY Celebrating The Marvellous Human Day!

I want this car toy, exclaimed a kid the man standing next to him smiled and bought it for his kid and the next side the baby girl cried, but the man still smiles and picked her in arms by making her feel safe.

From listening to our complaints of daily needs to hoarding around us to protect us from any bad deeds. This power of irrevocable and unconditional love from being a man to a father to a friend to a grandfather is only given by God to the only human called as FATHERS. Sometimes it is very hard to understand their roles in our life or why to celebrate a particular day when the person deserves all year in return for his passionate love. But in this busy schedule of our running life, at least we can give a single day to this divine human.

Father’s day is all about the celebrating the boon given to the children from God and ennobling this great personality by nurturing their lives in the best way we can do. What it feels like to be a father? Can we ever get this might be yes because from ages to age the facsimile of father figures are generated? Whenever I think of my childhood and see back through all the needs and good things I have gotten in my life all I can see a person standing there with a broad smile, opening his arms, accepting me with everything, whether it is my good habits or it’s my bad etiquette whether it is my success or my failure or my first step to my first climb to my first fall in everything I can see father there for me its like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The series title song playing and my father singing I will be there for you. He is like the panacea of every issue of life and like a god with his old quaint full of experiences old one but the gold one. Here is a little poem depicting fathers feeling “ the pages from a diary of a father”

When those Li’l feet come up in my hand, I feel like I am the luckiest person of this motherland
When you say first time dad from your little lips, that was the only day I earned my whole life fees
When you walked a Lil step by our Lil feet, I felt that today I am able to stand on my own feet
The joy of every phase of your life, I know I enjoyed it the most of my life
The first happiness, the first tear, the first joy and the first fear, I felt it more than you because the body is yours but the soul was of your father my dear
I make you learn something from me and I also learn something from you
In this thing about learning from each other, I don’t know when you become so much younger
Day and aims make our body separate only, but can’t make our soul separate
In my heart, in my mind, your memories will always blow like a wind
No one can replace you in my life because u are my lil angel and my lifeline…

This is the beauty of father love for his kid, he can go ways beyond to earn and give us what we want.we all can accolade fathers, daddies, papas, appas, abbas in our lives by just evacuating a little time and effort. Different names but same feelings and love. So what’s special you are cooking up for your father this day or for his life because they deserve it. If not thought yet, then let your mind horses run with the chariot of heart and make the d-day special day.


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