The war is about to begin : Game of Thrones

The trailer of the new season of game of thrones is short but it didn’t fail to convey the hint to the fans that the great war is finally here. The awaited battle between the two queens is here. As the battle for the iron throne begins, Cersei is wreathed with enemies from North, South, East and West.

Unaware of the storm which is about to hit, “We’re the last Lannister” she says. As fire brings back some old memories for theon, Melisandre’s is looking youthful in the trailer while Arya is facing the cold.

The Dothraki hoard ready to ride into the battle, but is it Ser Jorah’s greyscaled hand which reaches out for answers? Unlock the mystery as the wheel of power continues to turn. Find out who ends up on the top when all is said and done. Game of Thrones season 7 finally returns on HBO on July 16th.

Here is the trailer of Game of Thrones’s 7th Season.

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