Unveiling ‘Victoria Leeds’ in Baywatch Trailer 2

Trailer 2 of Baywatch is out! Priyanka Chopra is absolutely outstanding as Victoria Leeds in this latest trailer of ‘Baywatch’. And though you might find Priyanka Chopra’s appearance to be an extended version of the previous trailer, but she is breathtakingly beautiful and sultry! We are sure the trailer is going to leave her fans happy!

Desi girl Priyanka has already made her mark in, her hit show ‘Quantico’ and this goes without saying that she will leave us amazed with her villainous role in ‘Baywatch’.

Trailer’s first look shows Victoria Leeds as a pleasant character, but with a hint of stinginess. And later in the trailer, she is shown pointing a gun at perhaps one of the heroes later in the trailer.

Priyanka Chopra has already played the sultry villain to perfection before in Bollywood film Aitraaz, and here as well, she nails it right again. See for yourself if the trailer leaves you happy with her presence or not:

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