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Abortion – Choice or Murder?

Abortion is a widely debated action today. Several people are against it calling it “murder” and several people dismiss this claim by calling it a choice. I’ve stayed away from this topic for quite a while but I think it is time, I wrote about it.

One of the characters (fiction and non-fiction) that really caught my attention in recent times is that of Bertrand Zobrist (The book version. Not the movie version)

I am pro-choice – Period

Why I became this way?

1. A religion claims all life is sacred and asks for peace while in the name of religion holy wars were fought (not meaning one particular religion. There are more than a few examples)

2. People using religion as an excuse to say that man has no right to take away a life created by God. What about wars? What about executions? By the way, I am also a pro-death sentence. Terrible sins have no excuse

3. A rape causes pregnancy and someone forces them to have that baby as well. Come on! This is not a murder. Stopping this is! It’s a murder of the woman’s soul. I cannot imagine the emotional pain she goes through to love that child

4. Condoms are condoned by a religious body (Is it just me or is most of it attributed to religion. Unintentional) when population proves to be our biggest problem

5. Couples can love each other, have sex and not want to have a baby yet. They may not be financially ready, mentally ready or have a thousand different reasons. People have free-will. Nobody questions that. This is an extension of that.

Unplanned pregnancies which cannot be aborted brings a baby that the parents may be averse to. While sometimes people do not know what they want, they cannot and must not be forced into anything.

In Conclusion,

I’d rather have kids brought into the world by choice rather than by force

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